Learn the Purpose of Using a Dog Collar!

Learn the Purpose of Using a Dog Collar!

You must have often seen a dog with a piece of fabric tied around its neck. It is a dog collar that pet masters usually use for many different reasons. Similar breeds of dogs are tied with different pattern of the dog collar for identification purposes. Plus it also protects the neck area of the dog. It can also be used as a fashion statement for them. Whatever may be the purpose of its use it is an essential dog’s accessory and can’t be done without!

What Are The Different Types Of Dog Collar?

There are several different types of dog collar the most common ones being flat collars, elastic/stretch collars, break free collars, protection collars (stud collars), buoyant collar, training collars, and medical collars. All the different types of collars have their specific usage and are used according to different needs. For example, a protection collar is spiked with sharp metal points for self-defense. Buoyant collars are used for floating and keeping safe in the water. Medical collars are infused with flea repellent whereas a training collar can be used to teach basic manners and give training to a pet dog!

Should Dog’s Sleep With Dog Collar On?

It is generally suggested to free the dog from the grip of a collar to allow it to breathe in relief while at sleep. A very tight dog collar may strangulate the dog in sleep and may also lead to rashes and cut marks around its neck. It may expose the neck area to infections as the enclosed neck area seldom gets a chance to air out and leads to germs breeding.

Is a Dog Collar Uncomfortable?

If the dog collar is of correct loop and size, then the dog may not feel uncomfortable in it. It would rather be happy with a safety guard around its neck. The fabric, the fit and the material all determine the comfort level. But make sure to release your pet from it, once in a while. This will help your dog feel liberated and free from any pinch.

Does the Dog Collar Causes Loss Of Hair?

Unless your dog collar is too tight or of improper fit, it will not cause any unnecessary fur loss in your pet. An ill-fitted collar is not recommended and you should get it replaced at the earliest.

Where to Shop For Convenient and Premium Quality Dog Collar?

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