Know the Thing You Need for Your Pet’s First Aid Kit

Know the Thing You Need for Your Pet’s First Aid Kit

Emergency can happen anywhere and anytime. We can do very little to control or avoid it. All we can do is prepare ourselves for such situations. If you are a pet owner, you cannot deny the fact that you need to be continuously alert of your pet’s safety. Dogs or other pets have high sensing power. Yet they are accident prone or may fall sick at the drop of a hat. Keeping a safety First Aid Kit handy can avoid last minute panic and gives you time and relief until you see a vet.


Essential Items to Have in Your Dog’s First Aid Kit


First Aid Kit should have all the essential amenities that can be needed in time of any emergency. You can include the following items to make your First Aid Kit a full-proof one!


  1. All the Necessary Paperwork and Vaccination Records- If you are travelling with your pet, you may need the help of an unknown vet and you will be required to furnish the necessary documents and vaccination details related to your pet dog. Even if at home, keeping all these documents handy is advisable.

  2. Emergency Phone Numbers- You cannot afford to waste time searching for doctor’s details and phone numbers in case of need. These emergency phone numbers should be in your vicinity and within reach.

  3. Antiseptic Solution/Ointments- If your pet encounters a cut or wound, the first step is to wipe the area with an antiseptic lotion to stop germs from getting through the cut area. An antiseptic can stop the spread of infection.

  4. Scissors- Every First Aid Kit is incomplete without a pair of scissors. You need to cut open the medicines, cut bandages, snap tapes for your first aid treatments.

  5. Gauge and Tape- For the dressing of the wounded area, gauge and tapes are needed and should be included in your First Aid Kit

  6. Rubber Gloves- Wounds should not be treated with naked hands. Gloves help in checking the spread of germs through hands.

  7. Hydrogen peroxide- This mild antiseptic is used on wounds and minor cuts. It helps to prevent infection.

  8. Wipes- Sterilized wipes should be handy for emergencies.

  9. Disposable Tissues- You may need to wipe blood or vomit and here arises the need for disposable tissues in your First Aid Kit.

  10. Comforter- If your pet has encountered an accident it may be in pain and anxiety. A comforter can provide mental relief to your pet.

  11. Flashlight- How would you examine a wound without a strong bright flashlight? It is a must-have First Aid Kit item.

  12. Emergency Medicines- Ask your vet to suggest you some emergency medicines in case of certain emergencies. Keep them handy and within reach.


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