What Are The Best Food Bowls For Dogs

What Are The Best Food Bowls For Dogs

Pets are an integral part of our lives. We take care of each and everything that our pet requires and take the utmost care of their needs. They should be fed timely and in a convenient way. Food bowls for dogs are a must-buy item if you need to feed your pet with convenience. There are several shapes, sizes, and varieties of food bowls for dogs that you can opt for. But the choice of these feeding supplements depends entirely upon the breed of dog you are raising and the amount of money you are willing to spend!

Types of Food Bowls for Dogs

Shape and Size

There are several shapes of food bowls for dogs and they are available in different sizes too. You may find shallow bowls, deep bowls, elongated ones, bowls on elevated trays that hold both the food bowl and the water bowl.

Shallow bowls are used for dog breeds that are smaller in size and have a stout nose. Deeper bowls make eating difficult for them as they could not reach the food that is placed at the bottom and their neck and throat goes through immense pressure and strain.

Deeper food bowls for dogs are suitable for dogs of taller breeds with a sharp longer snout. A deeper dish helps them to reach the food at the bottom whereas their snout gets stuck in a shallow dish and their mouth cannot reach the food properly if they are provided with a shallow bowl.

Material of the Bowl

The food bowl for dogs is made of different types of material and you can choose them based on your budget.

Stainless Steel Food Bowl

These are the most durable and popular choice as there is no risk of the dog chewing it or scratching it. Moreover, it is unbreakable and lasting. It is easily washable and can be sterilized easily too. It is a little higher on the cost meter but the durability makes it cost-effective in the long run.

Ceramic Food Bowl

For the stylish pet owners, ceramic bowls provide design and colour options and are heavily weighted. But they are prone to chipping and breakage and so less durable as compared to stainless steel bowls. These are hand washed bowls and difficult to maintain.

Plastic Bowls

The most cheaply priced food bowl for dogs is the plastic material ones! These are also found in several colourful options but can skid and tumble with a little jerk and spill the dog food. Moreover, the dogs can nibble and chew plastic particles during feeding, causing health hazards.

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