Learn about De-Worming Your Pets with Herbal Parasite Control

Learn about De-Worming Your Pets with Herbal Parasite Control

Do you have a pet at home and love it just as you love your other family member? Pets are just like our babies. As a parent is possessive about his little one, similarly a pet owner is concerned about his little bundle of joy! A small little health issue with your pet makes you go overboard with anxiety. But seasonal illness is unavoidable and keeps haunting the living existence. Apart from these, there are certain types of health issues that can be cured with common remedies at home and herbal parasite control is one of them.

One very common issue with pets is an infestation of parasite worms. You may be well aware of intestinal worms and parasites that attack all the animals as well as humans from time to time. Parasites are a creature that lives on the host’s body for its existence. It derives its food requirement from the host’s body. Dogs and cats are infected with roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, lungworms, heartworms that reside in their body and deteriorate their health. Roundworms being the most common, reside in the intestines of animals. Using herbal parasite controlcan give some relief to these little pets.

Read on to know about their occurrence, symptoms, and remedies.

Reasons Why Pets Get Infested With Parasites

There are plenty of natural causes of parasite infestation among animals and pets but the most widespread ways are:

  1. Swallowing of feces that contain eggs or larvae of the parasites.

  2. Feeding on contaminated food and water

  3. Using pet’s bedding and covers that are infested with parasite eggs

  4. Feeding upon rodent (pet cats does this) with intestinal worms.

Symptoms of Parasite Infestation

There are several symptoms projected by your pet if there are existing worms in its body

  • Lack of Appetite

  • Pot Bellies in Kittens

  • Vomiting and Nausea

  • Diarrhea

  • Weightloss

  • Dull and Rough Fur Coat

Apart from these symptoms, the pet shows behavioral changes. They aren’t as playful as always. Their cranky nature is a warning bell that something is wrong!

Treatments for Pet De-worming

As soon as you doubt parasite infestation in your pet, turn on to the remedy measures immediately to avoid any further complications. Take your pet to the veterinary doctor as soon as you can and get your pet thoroughly examined. The vet examines your pet for any possibilities of worms or other health issues and administers over the counter medicinal dosages. You are even told to take care of the pet with certain specified diet plans.

How Often Should You De-worm Your Pet

De-worming is a cyclic process and if done at regular intervals, the chance of infestation is eradicated. Younger puppies or kittens have higher risks and should be administered herbal parasite control every fortnight. As the babies grow, this time interval should be increased and de-worming can be scheduled every three months. But you should consult your vet before analyzing the best appropriate time and gaping between your de-worming routine.

What is Herbal Parasite Control?

Herbal Parasite Control is an herbal remedy to treat the worm infestation in your pets. As the name suggests, these are herbal medication, so are free from side effects. Their composition and dosage are to be read carefully before administration.

Where to Get Herbal Parasite Control?

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