The Essential Items Your Dog’s First Aid Kit Should Always Contain

The Essential Items Your Dog’s First Aid Kit Should Always Contain

Accidents or emergencies always come without a warning; it's always good to be prepared. Just like we humans have a first aid kit box for the precautions to take before finally visiting the doctor, it is also important to keep a first aid kit handy for your canine. It is always advised to seek help from a professional veterinary but you might find yourself in a situation where the vet is not available. In those cases, the first aid kit will come handy. Here are a few items you should always include in your beloved pet's first aid kit.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is not only for cleaning minor wounds, but it can also be used for inducing vomiting if your dog ingests something toxic. You need to check with a poison control veterinarian before inducing vomiting and should be familiar with the instruction of how to do it.

Antibiotic Ointment

The antibiotic ointment is generally kept in the first aid kit and is used for preventing infection, relieving pain as it acts as a barrier from bacteria and germs.

Gauze, Scissors, Tape, Rubber Gloves

Gauze is kept in the first aid kit and is used to control bleeding and act as a temporary brace for suspected fractures; the tape is used for holding the gauze in place and the scissor can cut any clothing item into strips to make a solid bandage for larger wounds. Rubber gloves are essential when dealing with blood or bodily fluids.


Always have some vet-approved backup supply of medication handy in your first aid kit if you're traveling across the country with your dog.

A Creature Comfort

If you somehow find yourself in a high-stress situation with your dog, always keep a creature comfort to soothe them. The sight and smell of the object will help them settle down in any trying situation. You can keep it in your first aid kit and use it as and when required.

Vaccination, Medical Records And Emergency Phone Number

If you are suddenly stuck in an unfortunate circumstance and your dog immediately needs medical attention, this will come as handy. If you are away from your home and somehow able to get to the emergency vet, they will be able to provide you better and safer if they know your dog's medical history. It is always suggested to keep a hardcopy in case your phone's battery runs out.

The first aid kit unit may vary pet to pet but the basic things are always the same. We suggest you consult the concerned veterinary and accordingly search for them online. SPH Supplies is one such online portal where we offer you everything your pet needs to keep him happy and healthy. Visit our website now to see the products for your pet.

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