Know About Vitamins and Supplements to Keep Your Pets Healthy

Know About Vitamins and Supplements to Keep Your Pets Healthy

Like us, our pets also need extra vitamins as maximum pet food is based on a hypothetical formula rather than practical applications. As a result, they lack many essential nutrients. With additional vitamins and supplements, your pets can have all the required nutrients which will help them stay healthy and energetic. You should know which one is required for your pets and the advantages of including that in their daily diet. Always consult a veterinarian before giving these things to your pets. 

Why Your Pets Need Additional Vitamins and Supplements?

The vitamins and supplementswill help the brain, kidney, hearts, liver, immunity and other necessary body parts to function properly. The antioxidants and minerals will help to improve your pet's skin, coat,and overall health. Vitamins and supplements help to improve energy level, if your pet is lacking energy because of age then it can be the right thing to introduce him or her to vitamins. Some will reduce shedding and improve coating. If the pet is suffering from some chronic illness then supplements can help them by improving their immune system.

Types of Vitamins and Supplements They Need

There are many types of vitamins and supplements to fulfil your pets every need containing vitamin-A, vitamin-B complex, vitamin-D, fish oil, biotin, antioxidants, calcium, minerals, etc. Glucosamine and chondroitin are generally used together to help the joints and slow down any progress of joint diseases. The omega-3 fatty acid is a very powerful anti-inflammatory with the capability to support multiple organs. Vitamin-E and vitamin-C can protect and help to repair the brain cells of your pet during theirold age. The pregnant pets need more calcium or for some intestinal issue, they need a vitamin-B12 injection, though in those type of cases it is best that you consult a veterinarian first.

If you are feeding a complete balanced diet than it is a possibility that you are giving your pet all the needed nutrients and they will not require any other additional vitamins and supplements. But in case if youare feeding your dog or cat a homemade food and you are not sure of the essential nutrients you are providing your pet; it is advisable to add vitamins and supplements in their daily diet. And, you can also then you should consult your veterinarian about the needed vitamins supplements.

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