Petlife Flecta Vizlite Dog Coat - 10%off NOW!

Petlife Flecta Vizlite Dog Coat - 10%off NOW!

The Petlife Flecta Vizlite Dog Coat, a smart coat for smart dogs and smart dog owners!

In the last six weeks the likes of Erik, Freya and Gareth have been most antisocial! With Hannah, Idris and even Jane waiting in the wings, keeping our best friends protected has become ever more important. Of course, we are talking about the recent spate of ‘named’ storms that have rolled across our shores in recent weeks. Erik brought us gusts of up to 86mph, Freya brought us snow and Gareth very kindly delivered a sustained mixture of high wind, snow and heavy rain across the country which continued well beyond his official named dates. Who knows what surprises Hannah, Idris and Jane may bring! 

Throughout all of this our best friends still need to be exercised. As much as we may take care to wrap ourselves up in wellies, waterproofs, hats and gloves before heading out, how much consideration do we give to keeping our canine companions warm and dry? How well your dog may be able to keep himself warm and dry will depend upon his size, breed and of course his age. Ultimately there is only so much he can do to keep himself warm, especially when wet. As with humans, continued exposure to the cold and the rain will increase the chance of a cold in dogs, which could become something more acute if the exposure is prolonged or exacerbated by extreme weather conditions. Maintaining your dog’s core body temperature through keeping them warm and dry is critical; and this is where our line of dog coats comes to the fore.

Whilst we are now fortunate to see the days becoming longer, the light levels are still poor and the visibility is further reduced when the storms set in. This is why we would like to talk about our ‘pawsome’ Petlife Flecta Vizlite Dog Coat. This must-have 3-in-1 coat will not only keep your dog warm and dry, but will also offer you both the protection of being seen in all light conditions. The Petlife Flecta Viz-lite Dog Coat is a smart piece of technology (produced utilising NASA research and technology, but minus the astronomical costs) will fully ‘charge’ in just ten minutes. During ‘charging’ it will absorb light which will then be automatically emitted as an afterglow in the darkness, ensuring safety at all times, providing a smooth transition from daylight hi-visibility to being seen in the darkness. It allows you to keep an eye on your dog whilst he is off the lead, also ensuring that you are both visible when you are together. ‘Charging’ is easy, and can be done under any light source that emits UV light – be it daylight or a lightbulb. And when you are back from your bracing muddy walk, the coats are machine washable at 40ºc. There are some jolly good reasons that these coats have won awards! 

We understand that all dogs are different, which is why the Petlife Flecta Viz-lite Dog Coat comes in a variety of sizes from 10” to 30” to suit most breeds and sizes of dogs to ensure the best fit. The adjustable straps on the jacket are secured with clips, not Velcro, so the coat will fit well and allow your dog to move freely whilst ensuring that even the best escape artists and most active bounders will struggle to lose this whilst exploring!

Give yourself piece of mind about your dog’s wellbeing in the latest inclement weather, and ensure that both of you are kept safe day and night by treating your dog (and yourself) to this fantastic piece of technology. Join all the other delighted owners who have purchased the Petlife Flecta Viz-lite Dog Coat by contacting us before the end of March to take advantage of our current special offer of a 10% discount!

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Please contact us before the end of March to take advantage of our very special offer of a 10% discount, and join all the other delighted owners who have purchased the Petlife Flecta Viz-lite Dog Coat

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