The Need of Bona Fide Nutrition for Your Dog

The Need of Bona Fide Nutrition for Your Dog

If you own a dog, your biggest concern must be what to feed your dog in order to maintain good health. Feeding your dog, a well-balanced diet is as vital as maintaining a good diet for yourself as its overall health and well-being matter. For that, you need to understand the importance of nutrition for your dog and the requirement of proper nourishment of the same.   

Should the Diet Be Only Meat Based?  This is a common misconception every dog owner has in their mind. But the fact is a dog is an omnivorous animal just like us. Their tooth structure and intestinal tract are made in such a way to adapt to an omnivorous diet. To meet their nutritional needs, they have to get a balanced amount of plants and meat. Surprisingly, dogs can thrive on a properly balanced vegetarian diet as the source of fat and protein is of less importance for the survival of a dog. On the other hand, an all-meat diet would be unbalanced and cannot meet its nutritional requirements.

What is the Dietary Need for the Canine?Expanded research on canine nutrition showed that a well-balanced diet must include an appropriate amount of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids so on and so forth. These components are necessary to build the tissues and carry out biological reactions in every stage of the life of a dog. Though the primary energy source of a dog is protein and fat, it has been found that a dog's digestive system produces enzymes which are capable of digesting carbohydrates. However, complex carbohydrate can only be digested if cooked properly.

How Much and How Often Dogs Need to Be Fed?Your veterinarian can help you in this regard as the number of calories to feed your dog is based on its lean weight. That demands continuous monitoring which is practically not possible. Your vet can estimate how many calories your pet needs each day based on its body condition and lifestyle.

Unlike stray dogs, the domesticated ones are recommended to be fed twice or thrice per day. As the pet dogs are adopted in a home environment, ensure that your dog has access to fresh and clean water at all times.

How Can You Get A Well-Balanced Food for Your Dog?If you are working, this is practically impossible for you to cook for your dog keeping its diet in mind; so, you have to look for an alternative. Maintaining proper nutrition for your dog is very important and you cannot compromise on it at any cost. You need to feed your dog the highest quality food you can afford. 

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