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We stock the Simple Solution range of stain & odour removers. These all have a money back guarantee on proof of purchase - which indicates just how good they are! Simple Solution Stain & Odour Removers eliminate all types of organic stains including those cause by urine, faeces, blood, vomit, hairballs, dirt and grass. They are also very successful in removing household stains such as coffee, juice, wine, fizzy drinks and food stains. Most household cleaners contain detergents and phosphate which merely loosen and whiten the stain. These products will prove to be unsuccessful in treating pet stains, causing dirt to remain and odours to return. Simple Solution Stain & Odour Removers differ from other products in that they contain a unique blend of Pro-bacteria and Enzymes. The bacteria lie dormant within the formula until they make contact with the stain, and only then do they produce an enzyme specific to digesting the material. These products have proven to be very successful on areas such as carpets, rugs and upholstery due to the ability to work deep in to the fibres of the carpet, and are safe to use on any water-safe areas. It is advised not to use these products on large areas of wool, leather and untreated wooden surfaces. They can also be used in both carpet machines and as a laundry pre-wash. USAGE: Remove any solid or liquid waste before use. Shake bottle well and saturate the area. When treating carpets cover twice the area of the stain and make sure to saturate the carpet backing and underlay. Wait 10 or more minutes for the Enzymes and Bacteria to break down the organic proteins and then blot with a colour safe cloth. Allow the area to dry naturally. This may take 24-48 hours.

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