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Dog diapers designed for incontinent dogs, bitches in season, and wraps for incontinent male dogs.
Puddles on the floor?
Dribbles on the carpet?
Leaks in the dog bed at night?
Bitch in season, and making a mess?
These are the answer to your problems. Use these with your dog - and hey presto - a clean house again, no urine to mop, floors to clean or carpets to wash. And, the added benefit - a dog that may smell less!
Dog diapers are essentially 'knickers' for dogs. They are invaluable for bitches in season, dogs that suffer from excitable urination, and those that become incontinent either as the result of ill-health or old age, or from accidents affecting bladder & bowel control. For male dogs we recommend the male wrap, and for females, the diaper garment. Male dogs can wear the diaper garment but you will need to ensure that you order one or two sizes larger to ensure that the relevant parts of his anatomy are covered! Both of these items are washable, so you may need to ensure that you buy two - one to wash, and one to wear. These provide a small measure of protection, but are more often used with the pads that we supply in 2 absorbencies. SPH Supplies also stock disposable garments, so that instead of washing them they are thrown away in the household refuse.
Please measure your dog accurately - you will need both his/her waist size, and weight, and then refer to the size charts. Select the size of garment where the measurements are in the centre of the range, to make the garment as comfortable as possible. If you are opting for disposable diapers - SPH Supplies do supply samples of these so that you can check for fit before buying a pack.

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