How effective are cat and dog disinfectants?

Cat and dog disinfectants are products that haven’t exactly been the most sought after or popular in previous years as the product and branding wasn’t fully established and a lot of people have believed in the past that these products are a waste of money and don’t make that much of a difference in terms of what they vs. products that are designed for humans. However, I am here to explain to you and tell you that dog and cat disinfectants are the way forward and are definitely worth purchasing if you want to improve the health and sanitation of your home, yourself and your pet. This article will study in-depth the differences between regular disinfectants and specific animal and pet disinfectants which you can pick up, as it is actually very important to know the difference so that you can work out and establish whether or not a cat and dog disinfectant is the right thing for you. As much as I would like to believe that you can pick up a super-cheap human disinfectant and make your house 100% sanitary this just isn’t the case, and for this reason I implore you to read on and reconsider the possibilities of cat and dog disinfectants as it will not only affect your health but that of your family, your home and in some cases even your pet. Not purchasing these products just to save you money is frankly quite selfish and does not bode well with those that will benefit from these products being used as well as those that already use these products and have seen their benefits and the negative percussions for not following them.


When you think about dog and disinfectants the first thing that will often come to mind is why these products are considered to be so very different to human disinfectants. Whilst you may be prepared to pay for them if necessary a lack of knowledge may have lead you to believe that these products were not relevant and didn’t really make a difference. However, I am here to tell you that particular influences and factors regarding the cat and dog disinfectants make them extremely effective at what they do and mean that you handle your home and make it sanitary with confidence no matter how many pets you have or how mischievous your pet is. I understand that some pets are extremely hard to deal with and will do their upmost to upset order in the household, and so for this reason I would personally suggest that these items could help you out a lot in attempt to level out your home and make it a much nicer place to live.


There are several products on the market at the moment that are causing a great deal of upset to the animal-based bacteria that you may have hanging around your household, with varying brands and individual products alike, all with the same goal of keeping yourself and your families clean and sanitary without the need for massive expenditure or by jeopardising anybody else’s health in the process. These dog and cat disinfectants have been tested several times and are created specially for the purpose of dealing with all of the cat and dog specific diseases around that can occasionally spread to humans, and so I feel that it would be an extremely smart investment to try and attempt to have a shop around or compare the products to find the most appropriate one for yourself, and this in itself should assist you in the regard of keeping your house clean as each product that is sold in the disinfectant market treats different diseases and germs and has a differing owner suitability ratio. This could be in terms of price or quality and so be sure that you know your own demographic and how much that you personally are willing to spend before actually full on committing to doing something with your money as there is little to no point in going in blind and getting a product that you don’t need, as I will admit that they are slightly more expensive than other disinfectants and this can set you back significantly in terms of the ability to keep your home sanitary if you get it wrong, but with the right product of the right quality at an affordable price you will really see massive differences in how you and your family feel at home knowing that you have a clean house as well as one in which none of you are going to randomly get ill from certain bacteria from your dog throughout the day. Before the product even takes affect you should be confident in the results and feel a lot better about yourself for maintaining the cleanliness of your home. Without this stage you cannot hope to find the right product and may end up purchasing something incorrect and assuming by this logic that all cat and dog disinfectants are bad an unnecessary, which of course is not the case.


In order to start off the explanation and comparison of all the different types of dog and cat disinfectant brands/products it is probably better to start with the cheapest and work my way up. This is mostly because of the fact that a lot of people will only really see a true limitation to them purchasing a dog or cat disinfectant as whether or not they can afford to get it. Im sure with enough money every single person with a pet would be happy to pamper their pet and buy the most expensive product out there but we must be realistic and make it relatable to others, and therefore it is always good to make sure the affordable and slightly less efficient products are explained first. There is little need in beginning with information on higher-end products that not everybody can afford and so I would like to personally get this part out of the way in order to ensure that every single customer who may buy such products from SPH supplies will be absolutely happy with the product that they have received.


The first and probably the product that was best known several years ago for a different purpose has to be that of Formula H. This particular type of disinfectant has been around for several years and purely comes in concentrate form in which it has a 1:10 ratio with water in order to make the disinfecting solution. Whilst this product isn’t exactly the best any more it still has some prominence in the market and those that have used it for years still remain brand loyal despite the amount of alternatives that have come out in the last few years, and so this does not discredit Formula H initially as a product.


You can tell that the Formula H formula and brand used to be so prominent, well known and efficient as years ago it was actually used primarily and in its main form as a disinfectant from the NHS, in which it would be use to sterilise equipment as well as cleaning hospital beds and other such tasks. This in itself tells you that the product is not to be taken lightly as not many entities are able to say that they have been able to get their product used by the NHS for several years, as it isn’t exactly an easy feat and would have required years of testing to check its suitability. Another additional advantage of Formula H is that it kills a lot of bacteria and diseases and should do its job very quickly and efficiently when compared with other similar products that will also do a similar sort of thing. For these reasons Formula H is still used by quite a few people today even though it could be considered outdated, as old doesn’t necessarily mean bad as many industries will use tactics that were still relevant 20-30 years ago vs. newer ones.


However, in terms of the bigger picture and looking at the disadvantages aswell Formula H really isn’t a great product at all. For starters a 1-10 dilution ratio is absolutely terrible compared with other products, as most alternatives have a 1:100 dilution ratio which is a massive improvement and makes Formula H look very mediocre. This poor dilution ratio even means that the product is very cost inefficient even with being the least influential product in the market and probably the one that does the least in terms of cleaning and disinfecting out of all the products that we have on sale at SPH supplies. As much as the nostalgia value is something that people see as important and it is an ex-NHS product this does not warrant the use of it vs. cheaper and more efficient alternatives.


The important thing to note here is that this product used to be utilised by the NHS for disinfecting and cleaning. This wasn’t necessarily because the product was bad at what it was designed to do, it just had a couple of flaws that made it more difficult to use and actually very dangerous when placed in the wrong hands (perhaps somebody who is quite careless and doesn’t pay attention to healthy and safety regulations). For instance, Formula H actually gives off very dangerous and strong fumes when it is mixed or even in that regular concentrates form. What this means is that those that administer it and come into contact with it should wear breathing apparatus and some sort of protective clothing at all times, as Formula H has been known to cause some pretty severe skin problems as well as the more terrifying respiratory problems as the concentrate is so strong that it gives some nurses problems with breathing when they do not wear the right protective gear, as well as affecting patients if they go back to beds too quickly after they have been disinfected. Nobody wants to have to deal with this issue even if it only becomes a problem through negligence and not protecting ones self, but it shouldn’t happen in the first place and considering there are so many products out there that won’t give you this problem there really doesn’t seem to be the strongest argument available in favour of the critically acclaimed Formula H. Instead even I would recommend that you move on and look for alternatives as the fact that the product isn’t even cost efficient is massively ridiculous and just shouldn’t be used whatsoever. We do still sell the product mainly for those that trust the brand and have used it for years but if you are unfamiliar with disinfectants or willing to change from an inferior product then read on to find out how you can efficiently buy the best disinfectant for yourself.


The next step up in terms of quality of a product would probably have to be that of Conficlean. Unlike the previous brand Conficlean actually has more than one kind of disinfecting product, which will assist you in making every aspect of your home clean enough for yourself, your family and your pet whatever it may be. This is what I would call the discount or cheapest product that there is, but don’t let this fool you as I would also still class it as a high-quality product that should not go unmissed or without being considered as Conficlean is a highly recognised brand and to me is the most cost efficient pet disinfectant on the market. You really can’t get much better than Conficlean in terms of value for money, and I also personally feel that the cleaning power of this product is just extraordinary aswell.


To start with it is probably appropriate to make a fair comparison of the concentrate version of this product vs. that of the Formula H brand, just to show you how much more efficient it is at doing it’s job. This will initially be demonstrated by the fact that the concentration ratio is so much better, and whilst not having the biggest impact on how efficient the product is at cleaning it will make a difference in both how cost efficient the product is as well as how much you will need to purchase at any given time. Having to purchase more cleaning product could lead to a serious inconsistency in storage space as you will obviously need to put more room aside for a worse concentration ratio product such as Formula H for a while. Whilst this is not exactly the ideal situation for Formula H it does credit Conficlean and give people another reason to purchase it. This in addition to the fact that Conficlean also handles a lot more germs means that you should definitely be able to manage with any sort of nasty infection that could come your way very quickly and efficiently since there should be absolutely no problem with diseases such as kennel cough and many more. Conficlean is a trusted brand that I have been using for years and have had great success with in the past, and so in order to reap these benefits for you and also to have a wonderful time in managing to get rid of germs and harmful bacteria that could be infecting your home you should absolutely try out Conficlean as soon as you can as it is the cheapest product and still extremely efficient at what it does. There truly is nothing like it on the market.


In addition to the aforementioned concentrate form of Conficlean that is sold on a regular basis they also have a few other products that we make an effort to promote in our store so that you can have a full-on experience when attempting to deal with issues with cleanliness and sanitation with regards to pets in your home. As much as I feel that the concentrate version of this product is extremely efficient in cleaning ones home and the surfaces around that home the fact remains that there is still an underlying issue with the concept of having cleanly hands as well as surfaces and other such things aswell, and so in order to be completely happy with the work that you are doing and to make sure that you and your house are 100% pet germ free all of the time I recommend that you take a look at some of our other products that our customers find to be satisfactory and in most cases are very popular as they give a nice little alternative to only using a concentrate disinfectant.


Most of the products that we sell from Conficlean are used to keep your hands clean, and should be used before and after handling a pet (mostly dogs or cats) at any point in the day. This is because of the fact that cleaning surfaces will kill any existing germs but the true problem lies in those that your pet already has on them that will not be washed off by simply killing those germs that lie around household surfaces. For this reason I implore you to purchase at least one of our hand scrubs, rubs or wipes in order to ensure that any time you come into contact with your pet you are going to be just as sanitary as you were beforehand. Your health and safety as well as that of your pet is our top priority, and so if you feel that you come into contact with your dog a lot throughout the daytime we have a variety of hand cleaners that are just the ticket when you are looking to scrub your hands clean. As your hands are mostly what comes into contact with other surfaces and/or your family members it can be a massive problem since you could inadvertently spread germs around your home despite thinking that you had covered everywhere in the house since you used the regular diluted disinfectant spray. These hand products ensure absolute safety and so at least give one of them a go to see how much difference they can make to your sanitation and your lifestyle.


The final product in our store that is endorsed and sold by Conficlean is that of a product that may not come first to mind for most people but is still a massive influence in terms of ones ability to keep themselves sanitary and free from any unwanted dog and cat germs. This is the concept and product of a laundry washing liquid that is pretty much an all-in-one in terms of protection against both human and pet germs. This is because the product includes a regular detergent and fabric softening ability that you would find in any sort of washing liquid, but has the additional benefit of also containing a disinfectant that deals with a lot of bacteria and several viruses aswell that are from and will also affect pets and humans alike. This product is even economy friendly and should last you for an extremely long time and see a lot of washes if you use the product properly. For a regular wash you are likely to see 100 uses and 50 uses for heavy soil and hard stains, and so in essence this product can be considered extremely cost efficient and good value for money when considering what it does for you and your clothing as well as those around you. Rather than buying a separate disinfectant specifically for clothing and suchlike (which can be extremely expensive) you can kill two birds with one stone and merely purchase a slightly more expensive washing detergent that still does so much in terms of the ability to disinfectant and clean an item of clothing to make you and your loved ones safe from any harmful animal germs. As much as I do see and appreciate the merit in the regular concentrate disinfectants there is no denying that these products are also very important for you to purchase, and considering the overall quality and cost efficiency of the Conficlean brand I can see no better place to go to than these products in order to satisfy your needs in terms of ensuring that any pet germs are kept at bay.


Both of the aforementioned products actually don’t have any sort of recognition from any sort of governing body or medical testing facilities, which should not discredit them as they are both top products and are just companies in which their size dictates that they cannot afford to pay the huge costs for the several tests needed every year in order to assess that this product is of a good enough disinfecting standard or not. This isn’t exactly the most important thing in the world as the approval of somebody else will not necessarily tell you that your product is good or better, and I feel that in the case of Conficlean especially the customer feedback and use of this product is more than enough to make people feel comfortable with what they have and how the product works just from word of mouth. As such a low cost product for what it does I can personally tell you that it is an excellent product that I use all the time. However, there are obviously alternatives that do have this badge of honour in terms of their credibility according to others as a good product, and so I will go on to expand on these products aswell and which certificate it is that makes them so special and desirable.


Firstly, I would like to start with a product that is known as Virkon. Of all the products previously listed this is probably one that you may have heard of before over all of the others, and this is primarily because of the fact that this particular disinfectant isn’t just used for animals and your home from disinfecting their germs. Virkon goes on a much larger scale than this, and to be honest I would suggest that this gives the product even more credibility than that of a professional organisation, despite the fact that they do actually have a company that provides them with this sort of approval.


This is because of the fact that Virkon is actually used primarily in national epidemics as a disinfectant in terms of the viruses such as Foot and Mouth disease and Bird Flu. These are massive healthy and safety concerns and therefore require the very best in disinfecting technology in order to resolve the issue, and so the fact that Virkon has been chosen for this task truly is outrageous and begs the question as to whether or not you should choose any other product but this one right here. It may be a powder or tablet concentrate which is very different to that of the original ones but this is absolutely fine due to the fact that it works in much the same way as the regular disinfectants, and to be honest you probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference at all. As much as you may think that a liquid will make a superior concentrate Virkon will prove you wrong time and time again, and in many ways Virkon is massively superior to any other form of disinfectant that has been previously mentioned in terms of the effect it has rather than cost. Although Virkon is still really cheap and cost efficient it will never be able to level with Conficlean, but the amount of extra nasty viruses that Virkon deals with and the fact that it is used in these epidemics should be enough of an indicator that you should definitely sample or full-time purchase this product.


As if these factors weren’t enough, as previously mentioned this product does have a very special badge of approval, which is from an organisation known as DEFRA (which stands for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). This is probably one of the biggest companies that you could have endorse your product and is a government-based organisation, and so the fact that they see this product as fit for disinfecting animal germs (particularly that of dogs and cats). It has even been known to be suitable for smaller pets and even birds/reptiles. Not many people can say that their product has this strong of an affect on killing germs and viruses such as Herpesvirus and Chlamydia, and so you should look more into the product or buy one of the smaller amounts of it just to see for yourself how good it is. At SPH supplies we sell in sachets as well as bulky tubs, and so whether you are looking to sample or stock up for the future because you are already happy with our product feel free to make your own decision and don’t be scared to ask us for a small amount of Virkon or any of our products if you just want to give it a go before moving onto a final decision.


The final product that we sell and can offer you that is also DEFRA tested and massively recommended to those who are willing to spend a little extra would have to be that of the bi-00-cyst disinfectant. Like many others the brand offers and names as their main product their diluted disinfectant, this time being a liquid again aswell. This product is very similar in quality and efficiency to that of Virkon, and so this immediately shows you that this product is once again of the very highest quality. The It has a slightly inferior dilution ratio of 1:30 whereas most concentrates are 1:100, and so you may be asking yourself why you would consider this product and what makes it any different to Virkon and by extension Conficlean if it is less cost efficient, and we agree in the sense that this product would need to do something amazing to be able to match with the others on value for money.


I am here to tell you that there is one defining feature of bi-00cyst that makes it so much better than all of the other alternatives that you may find out there, and this is primarily based around the idea that the product actually deals with a very exact and very dangerous virus and parasites that will really be life-threatening to your pet if not dealt with. It isn’t exactly the most common of diseases but taking this risk is to put it down to fate in terms of your pet’s safety. For some this option is just too expensive and I do sympathise completely, but for those who have the extra money to spend I think that getting rid of a disease as fatal as Coccidiosis is worth it.


This particular disease is well known amongst most pet owners and farmers as being a bug that slowly eats away at the insides of an animal, which is very painful and not nice for the owner to experience aswell as it is horrible to see a pet or farm animal in pain. The use of bi-00-cyst should eliminate the problem of Coccidial Oocysts developing and causing Coccidiosis, and so it really is the perfect product for anyone looking for 100% safety in keeping their pets, animals and family sanitary and safe from disease. It is also DEFRA tested much like Virkon, and therefore even the experts recognise its ability to kill off these nasty germs and diseases that disinfectants will try to get rid of. Use in farms for livestock is just as viable of a use aswell.


These products are extremely efficient in what they do and are effective as cat and dog disinfectants in keeping your home disinfected alongside human disinfectants to get rid of the other diseases and germs that could be lurking about. Essentially the end goal should be that neither you your family nor your pets will have any problems with illness for a long period of time. You can put your faith in us to give you the very best in disinfecting technology and chemicals, and so if you want to sample our products id suggest that you try out a few that are in your price range and make a final verdict after testing all of them. Alternatively if you think you have made your decision already you can also just straight up choose one of them aswell, as they are all fantastic products and you should definitely think about getting each one but if you are set on one in particular then that is fine aswell.


If you would like to get in touch with us at your earliest convenience you can do so by giving our main line a call on 01363 860232 to speak to one of our advisors about animal disinfectants or any of our other products aswell. Alternatively you can try and get to us via our enquiry form here as we will not always be able to take your call, and are likely to be dealing with a delivery or sending out an order. This is no problem though as when we get back we will be able to answer messages or enquiry forms very quickly and call you back to provide you with the information you need. We are a very friendly bunch and do look forward to providing you with the very best in disinfecting products for cats and dogs so that you can keep your household pets safe.