What is the best disinfectant to get for my cat?

Felines are one of the more prominent pets to be around in the UK and across the world today. They are considered to be highly intelligent, very desirable to a lot of owners and above all fun loving and great to have around the household. In essence they are a huge part of our everyday lives and keeping them healthy and safe should be and for the mostpart is a primary concern of a lot of pet owners. As much as I would suggest that some people take their pets and their care more seriously this doesn’t mean that every pet owner can’t make sure that they look after their pets. Even if you are not exactly massively into your pet you still easily have the potential to take care of them and ensure that they are 100% safe all of the time, and so for this reason I personally implore you to be absolutely certain that you are taking care of your cat properly and keeping them and by extension yourself safe from any cat germs that may be lurking around, as they can also affect humans if carried in the right way and it is never a good thing to have them around. As much as you may not see your pet in general as the most important thing in the world their health and your health should be a direct point of interest for you regardless.

The most important thing to remember when contemplating purchasing cat disinfectants is that unlike many scepticists will tell you these disinfectants actually do kill off different germs to regular human disinfectants and for this reason are 100% necessary. Whilst you may feel that you keep your house very clean and sanitary for you and your family not using a cat disinfectant to stop the germs and diseases from your pet spreading it may get to the stage where using all of your regular disinfectants is completely futile. Just as particular products are invented for certain kinds of people (e.g. children’s bikes are useless for adults) disinfectants are no different and using a human disinfectant to kill off cat germs would be like using water instead of oil to fry something; it just wouldn’t work at all or at least nowhere near as efficiently. As much as you may feel that spending the extra money may not be absolutely necessary I beg you to reconsider as we are specialists in the area and know that cat disinfectants are a very vital part of everyday life and are just as efficient as regular disinfectants in making your home a safe place for everybody. Simply read on to find out a bit more about the products that we have on offer, the brands that they go under and my personal opinion on which product you should buy in each given situation, as some of our disinfectants are more suitable for certain people than others and vice versa for all of the disinfectants that we sell.

Cat disinfectants come in many qualities, costs and types depending on what you are looking for and what kind of deal you need for your home specifically. All of the products that we sell are high-quality and massively recommended and are ideal for you making your home a safe and sanitary environment for yourself, your pets and your family alike. Without the proper disinfecting products it just can’t be considered absolutely 100% clean and free of germs, and so without further ado here is the first product that we endorse at SPH supplies.

The product that has been around the longest and that we have sold for a long time has to be that of Formula H. This particular disinfectant is an efficient germ killer and comes highly recommended from a lot of our customer’s aswell. Many that still use it today are loyal to the brand because it works and they have been using it for years, and so this should immediately tell you something about the product and how efficient it is at cleaning if customers have been using it for so many years despite having better alternatives come out. There are a lot of newer products that could easily be said to do their job better and this is absolutely true, but when it comes down to it this doesn’t discredit this product at all and if you think it is the right disinfectant for you and your cat then I say go for it as product loyalty is an excellent source of discovering what a really good product is.

Another reason why you can trust Formula H as an excellent and efficient disinfectant is purely the fact that it was actually used by the NHS in UK hospitals as a disinfectant for patient’s beds when they were washed down. Such a pristine and long-lasting organisation using this product as a disinfectant for people who are in hospital should be another clear indication that this particular disinfectant is absolutely great and recommended to anyone with a cat that needs it as if it is good enough for the NHS by extension it should be absolutely great for cats and other animals aswell.

However, as much as Formula H is a good disinfectant and does the job it was designed to do it does have its flaws when compared with other products that we have for sale and that are on the market. It was an extremely good disinfectant and probably the best out there years ago, but as time moves on in any trade or sector there is always going to be something better available in the long run.

The biggest flaw that I could probably point out about Formula H would have to be the dilution ratio, which quite frankly isn’t very good at all. Whereas most disinfectants have a very efficient 1:100 dilution ratio Formula H has a mere 1:10 ratio associated with the product of the dilute that they provide. This is a real shame as it means that you will need to buy quite a lot of Formula H for it to last and in most cases it isn’t as cost efficient as superior alternatives despite being what you may consider a lower option. As much as I would like to say that Formula H has something the other products don’t it is quite the contrary, and so despite the fact that you may be brand loyal and like Formula H a lot there are simply higher quality options out there despite how good this compound is at disinfecting.

Furthermore, one of the big problems with Formula H and the primary reason why the NHS stopped using it is the fact that it actually has a couple of flaws in the liquid that is used. This is that Formula H has been known to cause several problems if those using it are negligent and do not use the correct protective gear when applying this disinfectant, which can lead to a lot of discomfort if not done correctly. This product may cause itchy skin or in some cases respiratory problems if not using a face mask or gloves, which is never usually a problem but for those that don’t read the label or don’t abide by the rules the consequences can be semi-severe. For these reasons I am going to move swiftly on and suggest and expand on why other products don’t have these problems and additionally why they may be seen as clearly superior for several reasons.

For instance, a product and brand I am personally in love with and I can assure you does a better job than Formula H at a lesser cost can only be that of Conficlean. This company and brand name have also been around for years and is associated with a cheaper alternative for disinfecting products, but this does not in any way mean that the product is not of the highest quality at all. On the contrary I would personally suggest that Conficlean is one of the top contenders in the market in terms of cleaning power and elimination of cat infections, which may seem bizarre considering the cost but it just truly is a magnificent product and I would personally recommend it to anyone with any number of cats as it is just too cost efficient for the professional service that it provides. Whether you can afford the more expensive options or not it is still absolutely worth considering Conficlean as I have complete faith in the brand and a lot of our other customers do too which is doubly efficient in convincing you that it is the right choice to make if deciding whether or not to purchase Conficlean products.

As with most disinfectants out there Conficlean also has a concentrate version since it is the most generic type of disinfectant and does the job of making ones surfaces and household objects very clean and free from germs in order to give you a happy household with healthy inhabitants (human and cat alike). However, this is only the basis and the beginning of the power of the Conficlean brand, as another distinct advantage that they have over other providers is that they make a variety of products that are designed for different jobs and they are not just one-dimensional in solely offering a sprayed disinfectant that frankly will not solve every single germ and disease problem that you may have around your household. In some cases there are things that may be affected regardless of your rigorous cleaning process that you may put your house through, and for this reason you should definitely take a look at the other products that Conficlean provides. All of these products are just as useful and efficient as the regular concentrate and all have the same strengths when it comes to the concept of their cleaning power vs. the cost. I think that sampling each one and finding some that you find appealing would be a reasonable assumption and thing to do as it means that you can fully optimise your home as you see fit and make it so that there is no chance of you having a sub-optimal environment for yourself and your family.

The products that I am referring to have several different benefits and intricacies to themselves that make them what they are, and this in turn will essentially allow you to cover up any nooks and crannies that may have been created by solely using the dilute disinfectant for your furniture and household objects.

For instance, if you handle a cat or any sort of pet for a number of hours a day you are going to carry their germs and disease with you regardless of how rigorously you may clean and spray your couch and tables with disinfectant, as you are in constant contact with the cat itself. This means that you will continuously be passing germs between you and your feline as well as also spreading them back to places that you touch that may have been cleaned previously therefore making the whole disinfecting process a useless exercise.

They way in which you can get around this is by actively using a product that Conficlean has provided and endorsed for quite some time, which is of course the hand scrubs and wipes that several people have used for a long time and are extremely satisfied with in regards to the Conficlean brand. The wipes and hand scrubs provided are all designed to be used before and after coming into contact with a dog, and so if you are a person that regularly pets your dog and plays with those throughout the day because you have the time then this product should be absolutely perfect in preventing the spread of germs. You can also choose from whether you want wipes or scrubs depending on your own personal preference which gives you an additional level of control in what you want from your disinfecting products. As much as I would suggest that these products aren’t exactly the core of disinfecting your home as concentrates always will be there is no need to discredit them or suggest that they are inferior whatsoever. For this reason you must look to purchase at least one of these at every given opportunity and when you need them, as to suggest they are not useful or too expensive or a waste of money is quite frankly borderline blasphemic. Even opting for the cheaper product if you have less money isn’t a rash decision as all of the products that we sell are top of the line and will cause you to have sanitary and clean home all hours of the day and all days of the week. We wouldn’t sell any products that didn’t provide you with a satisfactory or efficient service, and so I would personally suggest that you make an effort to purchase at least one to give it a go and I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

On another note, another product that is highly recommended and offered by the Conficlean brand is one that revolutionises the idea of combining a cleaner with a disinfectant, and will not only save you a lot of time but also will give you a two in one product that doesn’t really require much at all from the user in terms of setup or anything along those lines. Infact I would actually suggest that it is self-explanatory and does the job for you. Simply wash your clothes with this product rather than a regular washing powder or cleaner and you will have clothes that both smell and look fresh and also have saved on space and money for the products that you may potentially have purchased. I think that the Conficlean washing and disinfecting combination product is going to be really useful for you if you have problems with dogs that have the potential for a lot of infections and those that you handle on a regular basis (for example having them on your lap and suchlike throughout the daytime) since this product will diffuse any situation by where you may be threatened or put in danger from this particular product. In any case at least have a browse in our store for the Conficlean products that we offer besides the core dilute disinfectant as there are so many different ways in which germs can spread and for this reason you must have several defence mechanisms in place in order to halt or reduce the amount of germs and different kinds of germs that could ever potentially be a problem for you.

Both of the aforementioned products are not necessarily amazing products in themselves and to a big extent I would say that both are still viable and will always have a place in the disinfecting market, especially Conficlean. Even as a cheaper option I would say that even those that have money to spend would benefit greatly from purchasing it regardless, and so for those that have more money to spare and want to use it to the fullest extent I would suggest that you buy an extra product besides the regular dilute to satisfy your needs and get the most out of your money.

However, one of the biggest problems with these two items in the eyes of the customer is that they have no sort of backing or testing completed for them from an organisation of note. What this means for Conficlean and Formula H is that they are battling against other products that’s do have these bigger names behind them and supporting them, and by extension it means that only the word of mouth suggestions and credibility that the products currently have will be influential in determining whether or not a customer is going to opt for these brands or not. Personally I have used these products for years and would suggest that this testing does not make either of these products a less viable purchase but just means that other options may be considered more suitable if you have the money to afford such luxury or if you feel that you absolutely need this extra secure level of proof that the product that you are using to disinfect your home has been guaranteed by professionals to do so as efficiently as possible. This in itself is a farce since I can tell you that Conficlean is one of the best brands I have ever sampled, but I must also appreciate the fact that these “greater” products do exist and do have this badge of approval which will always technically make them superior.

Firstly, it would be ideal to start with if you looked at one of the products that has a suitable body that has tested it in the past in order to draw a better picture of both what a high quality product looks like as well as one which has this seal of approval from a governing body that is recognised and trusted by all consumers. I am of course talking about the great organisation DEFRA who have been a cornerstone in ensuring that all the companies who register disinfecting products under their name are in keeping with their rules and regulations, and this is regularly checked for the companies who are associated with them. Without these constant check-ups there cannot be any shown consistency in the products that are being sold, and for these companies every new product must be tested in much the same way to ensure that their entire practice is in keeping with this code of conduct as well as the products that they may have originally signed up with.

A good example of a DEFRA product that comes highly recommended and that I personally have used for years and would 100% trust is that of Virkon. This particular brand like many others specialises in and pretty much solely produces dilutable disinfectants and like many of the better ones this product has a 1:100 ratio for the dilution rate to make the perfect disinfectant for your home and family. However, Virkon is slightly different in the fact that the dilute is actually made from a powder or a tablet rather than a liquid, of which you can purchase packs of several tablets or a set amount of powder that will usually last you for quite a long time depending on the frequency of when you use it and how much care you may take in disinfecting every single surface vs. only having to disinfect certain areas of the house due to confining your cat to certain places (e.g. just in the downstairs section). Obviously the usage is going to vary but in terms of a regular usage this product is still extremely cost efficient even with a DEFRA approving, and so for this reason I feel that it would be criminal to not at least test the product among others even if you think you may never purchase it more than once. I can tell you that the results are fantastic and after sampling this product I would not be surprised at all if you went for several repeat purchases after initially buying the product since it really is that good. As much as you may think that you are set in your ways with the disinfecting product that you use I implore you to at least test Virkon, as all the evidence suggests that this product is top of the range and really suitable for disinfecting your home, and this is in addition to my own personal recommendation.

If you feel that this isn’t enough of a reason to purchase this product yet you may want to consider the idea that Virkon is not just used in domestic environments and by consumers as a disinfectant to keep their homes germ-free for their families and pets. Virkon itself is actually much more than this, and is used all over the country as a disinfectant for most if not all national epidemics that cause uproar in terms of infection and cleanliness. This includes some of the biggest safety breaches to affect us such as that of Mad Cow Disease and Bird Flu, which of course were massively devastating to people all over the world including the UK and a lot of others aswell. Without the help of the Virkon brand a lot of these things would be a massive problem and probably be a current epidemic rather than a past one, and so the fact that Virkon is very quickly and efficiently shipped all over the world to keep you safe makes it a very good product to have at your disposal and means that for something as trivial as disinfecting your home you should have no issues whatsoever with trusting the product since it is commonly used for some much bigger and very real problems. Virkon is additionally relatively cost efficient anyway despite being a huge name and a very well known and sought after product. Most of the items that you can buy nowadays that are this efficient are extremely expensive and hard to come by, but in the case of Virkon the company that owns the brand ensure that anybody can afford to use this product in a domestic environment aswell, which is a very nice sentiment and says a lot about them in terms of their ability to please whoever it is that wants to buy their products and perhaps doesn’t exactly have a lot of disposable income to look at other DEFRA tested options. However, if you want the next step up from Conficlean without spending too much then Virkon is definitely for you, as it deals with a lot of very nasty diseases and germs and eliminates all of them including the aforementioned avian flu as well as others that will seriously affect you and your pet aswell.

The final product that we have on offer in our online store is one that we have not sold for as long but it really is the piece de resistance in terms of the quality and service that it gives, as well as the germs that will be killed when using this disinfectant. You may not be as familiar with this product but I can assure you that it truly is the latest and greatest innovation in terms of the ability to kill germs and also deal with a much bigger problem; a very particular parasite that does not get eliminated by any of the other products that we sell, and it is something that is extremely dangerous and in most cases necessary to get rid of or reduce the chances of in order for your pets and family to be 100% safe. This particular parasite is known as a Coccidial Oocyst which is a very small parasite, and with several of them in the system of your pet it has been known to infect the gut of a cat and it is very dangerous in terms of the fact that it can eat away at this gut causing massive discomfort and stress for you and your pet, and in some cases has even been known to cause death at the very extreme end of the spectrum since it is such a nasty disease to have.

The product that I am referring to which is specifically designed to eliminate the chances of this from happening is of course that of the wonderful Bi-00-cyst, which has only seen an increased amount of use in recent years. It was primarily used as a disinfectant for large amounts of animals in housing (for example chicken houses and cat pens) but has no diversified to cover all sorts of animals such as livestock and other household pets. As well as dealing with Coccidiosis it also helps to combat the effects of all of the other germs and viruses that are associated with cats and other household pets as well as farm animals aswell, and so in all this product does the same job as Virkon but does it slightly better and eliminates the chances of a very serious and harmful organism infecting you and your pet and causing a lot of upset or in some serious cases a fatality.

The only real foreseeable issue or setback that I would say bi-00-cyst has is that it has a variable concentration ratio to deal with different diseases and illnesses. Whilst the less serious ones that Virkon could deal with may only need a 1:100 dilution ratio or less bi-00-cyst is usually purchased to deal with Coccidiosis specifically, and in order to kill off this problem the liquid must be diluted at a 1:30 ratio. This is much more costly than the other products as the price of the disinfectant overall is also greater, and so only those with quite a lot of money can really afford the luxury of using and purchasing this product on a regular basis (e.g. higher-end kennels and homeowners that have more disposable income). Obviously one of the primary barriers for a person purchasing a cat disinfectant in the first place is the idea that it may cost too much or that the price it costs makes it unnecessary to purchase due to human disinfectants being cheaper. This means that less people are likely to buy bi-00-cyst and we appreciate this, but if you can afford the product and aren’t quite sure on what to go for, if you want the highest chance of safety and healthiness for yourself, your family and your pets your best option has to be that of bi-00-cyst, although Conficlean and Virkon are also excellent alternatives.

The only product that I would really not recommend as much as the others would be Formula H. Despite being a really excellent product with a lot of potential in terms cleaning power it is the least cost-efficient product that we sell and also isn’t as efficient as the others in disinfecting, as well as having other problems such as the prospect of respiratory problems and a poor dilution ratio. The other products are just strictly better and most people who choose to opt for Formula H do it purely for nostalgic reasons, so if you are a regular Formula H user I’d suggest that you sample other options aswell.

If you are looking to bulk buy any of our line of disinfectants or just get a selection for your household you can do so by checking out our online store. If you have any further questions or queries about any of the products that we sell and want to get in contact with us you can do so by either calling our main line on 01363 860232 or by filling out our contact form and we will be able to get back to you and call you back as soon as we can. Whatever your need or query we are here to accommodate you and so if you would like to bulk buy and want to discuss it feel free to call us any time and leaving a message if we are not available as we will look to get back in contact with you as soon as humanly possible. We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully doing business with you very shortly.