Which brand of dog disinfectant is most efficient?

Disinfecting products are one of the top purchased household items that you will buy every single month. Keeping your house sanitary is usually a top priority for most consumers, and for this reason household cleaners such as washing-up liquid, kitchen cleaners and toilet bleach have been becoming ever more popular over the years as we as humans have learnt more about the dangers of bacteria and unsanitary environments and for this reason we make a huge effort to make sure that our homes are absolutely safe for us, our families or any visitors who may also come. Keeping a house clean and disinfected ensures that your health is not put at risk and that any unwanted germs of viruses are dealt with quickly and efficiently.


However, some consumers with pets will often overlook the fact that their pets may also be carrying diseases and nasty bugs (especially dogs and cats). Whilst it may be customary for a lot of owners to feel that disinfectants designed specifically for dogs are overpriced and unnecessary I implore you to reconsider, as these products are just as important if not more important than regular disinfectants. They are not exactly bank breaking and will be of great importance when trying to keep your household clean from infection, so be sure to reconsider and read on to find out why dog disinfectants are so vital to the sanitation of a household.


As much as dog disinfectants may seem unnecessary you must remember that they are specifically designed for dogs. As much as regular disinfectants kill a lot of bacteria they are obviously designed for human bacteria that will affect us far more. However, dogs and other animals have a very different set of germs that could affect us and the dogs themselves, and for this reason dog disinfectants are absolutely necessary in positively ensuring that there are no inconsistencies or problems with cleanliness in your home. Despite the fact that they are of course a nuisance to spend additional money on you won’t regret it as you can make sure that you, your family and your pet are not affected by dog germs or diseases that can be very nasty to deal with and occasionally have been known to be fatal.


Firstly, I would like to suggest that you analyse the entire dog disinfectant product range on our site in order to fully establish which of them you think is appropriate for yourself. This article specifically will focus on informing you as to why dog disinfectants are so vital in having a healthy household and having a germ and virus-free home, as well as explaining about and describing each product in full so that you can find the benefits and disadvantages of each individual product in order to assess for yourself which one you think would be suited to yourself. As much as all of the products that we sell are of the highest quality and chosen and put aside from many inferior products there is always going to be one that does a particular job better than another, and this reflects in the varying costs, types of product and dilution rates that they have. I would absolutely recommend every product that we sell as we wouldn’t be selling it without a certain level of quality control, but with this in mind I would also suggest that you have a particular one of our dog disinfectants that is better suited to you and therefore you should look into each product fully to find out which one this is.


The first product that I would like to put forward is probably one of the most long-standing pet disinfectants, and this product is known has Formula H. This specific compound was actually used by the NHS for several years, and for this reason you can be assured of its quality and efficiency. Formula H is a product that comes only in concentrate form, and can be diluted down to goes into a spray bottle which will be able to disinfectant all over your home extremely well. As it is one of the most prominent and age-old products in use today there is no reason why you couldn’t also use this amazing product, as it has been very useful over the years in keeping households and hospitals clean from infection and smelling good aswell, as it deodorises and is pleasant to the nostrils after a given period of time for the liquid to settle into household areas such as chairs and carpets. Formula H is effective against a lot of nasty viruses and diseases such as kennel cough and rabies, which are particularly harsh to deal with and can cause serious problems to the health of your beloved pet.


However, Formula H does come with quite a few disadvantages that may make it less efficient than other products that we sell. Primarily, Formula H has a dilution rate of 1:10 which is not exactly very good when compared to other disinfectants. Having such a poor dilution ratio means that you need to buy this product in bulk to get the most out of it, and even then it is not as cost efficient as some of the other products that are available out there. However, the predominant issue in why this particular product “used” to be used by the NHS is the fact that it contains something known as glutaraldehyde. Whilst this is a very safe compound when used correctly with the proper facial protection, it has been known to cause respiratory problems with people who use the item carelessly and whom do not wish to wear the appropriate protective gear. This can also happen occasionally around the household if you do not make sure to avoid inhaling the fumes as well as stopping your family and pets from coming into contact with places that you have disinfected before the given time period. As much as I used this product years ago and still recommend it for nostalgic purposes I would look at the rest of our product range before committing to this particular piece.


The second product that we sell that I would say is a potential suitor for you is that of Conficlean. This brand is one of the more recognised top brands, and is substantially more commercialised than most of the others. This particular disinfectant is one that also does not just come in concentrate form, but also has a variety of sub-products associated with it such as hand cleansers and wet wipes. The Conficlean brand is known for both quality and value for money, and so it is definitely one of the items that should be at the very top of your consideration, especially if you don’t have quite enough money for the more expensive products that are out there.


Conficlean itself has a much better concentrate dilution rate than Formula H; which is 1:100. This is a one strength solution much like Formula H, and also kills a lot of the same germs as Formula H. However, as the dilution rate is far better on Conficlean it is just an all-round superior product to Formula H and therefore I would personally think that the decision between the two should not be difficult. The product comes with several lovely and fruity fragrances, as well as killing other viruses and bacteria such as E Coli and Ringworm and is often referred to as the “second generation sanitiser”. This dog disinfectant is used in a lot of catteries and kennels, and for this reason once again has a secondary reference for why this particular brand is so good and is used by so many members of the public. Consumers are always looking for a product that does the job efficiently and is relatively cheap for what it does, and this makes Conficlean one of the most popular brands on the market today. There are additionally no health and safety problems with Conficlean, and so you cannot really go wrong with this particular brand.


Furthermore, unlike Formula H Conficlean actually has a variety of sub-products besides the obvious concentrate that is used by most. We like to give customers a bigger variety of products and a greater choice in what they can get from our providers, as these individual items will give you a far better chance of keeping your house sanitary and free from infection than just using a basic concentrate all around the home. This is not always enough to deal with everything, and so we also provide and sell other Conficlean products, which include hand wipes and scrubs. After handling a pet you will very often pick up their germs unintentionally, and no amount of disinfectant on a couch or other household areas is going to change that. For this reason we recommend the use of our dog disinfectant hand scrub to anyone who handles their dog several times a day. This product should be used every time before and after handling a dog to ensure maximum safety and retention of a clean and virus-free home. As much as it is once again a tiny bit of extra money this is well worth it when considering your personal health.


However, I would personally suggest that Conficlean is slightly inferior to some other brands because of the fact that this product as well as Formula H both has a common factor in that neither of them is DEFRA tested. DEFRA testing gives a product and brand increased credibility as well as a seal of approval that is recognised across the disinfecting board and consumers who purchase these compounds, and so not having this particular emblem slightly devalues Conficlean to some scepticists. However, I personally believe that this makes not a slight bit of difference to how efficient Conficlean is especially after hearing so much positive feedback from customers, and I am also well aware of the fact that the only reason why Conficlean doesn’t have DEFRA testing is because the company that owns the brand cannot yet afford to do so, and would be extremely likely to pass any tests with ease as the products are so efficient in what they do. Therefore, do not rule out Conficlean as a relevant and viable product as I personally think that it is incredible for the cost and is almost as efficient as any other single-strength solution.


One of the extremely famous dog disinfectants out there at the moment is that of Virkon. This dog disinfectant has been used for years by several of our customers’ aswell, and also had a functional use much as Formula H did through use in the NHS. However, Virkon was and still is used and shipped out across the world mostly for disease epidemics that crop up every so often and become a massive problem. For instance, Virkon was used all over the world in crisis’s such the outbreak of Foot and Mouth as well as bird flu, as this particular disinfectant is also highly regarded and extremely efficient. This is backed up with the fact that Virkon is DEFRA tested, and although this is not of the highest importance it does give consumers and those that use the disinfectant an additional reassurance that the product can do exactly what it says on the tin and not be inefficient and cause a customer to have doubts about the functionality. Virkon truly is a remarkable product and is obviously used all over the world to deal with health epidemics, and so the fact that it doubles as a dog disinfectant bodes very well for consumers with dogs or other such pets, so list it as another top product to look for and consider when searching for a dog disinfectant.


Virkon comes in tablet and powder forms rather than the regular liquid concentrate form that we are used to seeing through the use of other concentrates such as the previously mentioned Formula H and Conficlean. The fact that Virkon comes in a different elemental state is not really of great relevance as the concentrate works much in the same way as it is a one strength solution and also has a 1-100 dilution rate. This is an extremely positive result since the product also takes out pretty much every known pathogen and virus, including very scary ones such as AIDS and polio as well as pet diseases aswell of course. This product has a LOT of safety and is probably one of the most efficient in the market. The only real disadvantage of Virkon is that the price isn’t exactly as low as that of Conficlean, but it is still cheaper than Formula H and for the service it gives it is absolutely worth picking up.


The final product that I will be discussing is of course that of the illustrious Bi-00-cyst. This brand may not be as well known and you may not recognise it is easily, but this product is still very efficient and tailored specifically for a very special purpose. It is another concentrate liquid that is efficient in killing all of the same diseases and bacteria that the other products do, but this product has one distinct difference.


This additional advantage is the fact that bi-00-cyst is probably the only product in the dog disinfectant market that kills off a particular form of bacteria which is a single-celled endoparasite known as a coccidial oocyst. This very nasty little organism is extremely hard to kill off even for a premium product such as Virkon, as it is a horrible little bug that eats away at the digestive system of a pet (usually cats and dogs) and is all around very nasty to deal with. Without the appropriate disinfectant this bacteria can even be fatal, which is not something anybody wants to deal with when concerning their pet. Using the top-of-the-range dog disinfectant to keep you and your animal safe is something that I would personally suggest is absolutely necessary, and this is why we provide this particular product and endorse it so. Without bi-00-cyst many pets would be put in considerable danger and I would not want this to happen at all. This product is used all over the country and the world to treat animal housing such as chicken coops or dog kennels, but this does not make it any less viable or necessary in a home. In order to be 100% safe and stop all diseases from affecting you pick yourself up some bi-00-cyst today and you will have an incredible time for the rest of your days when looking to carry out your daily activities without risk of any infection or disease in your home.


The difference that bi-00-cyst has to all of the aforementioned products is that this compound has varying concentration rates that you can use depending on which disease you want to treat. However, I would say that this is completely irrelevant as you should be looking to use the maximum strength of this disinfectant all the time to be positive that you are keeping your home and family safe. There is no point in buying this specifically designed product and using it at a lower strength for other bacteria, and so be sure to stick with the 1:30 concentration rate as it isn’t terrible and means that you can have the perfect form of disinfectant all year round.


To conclude, I would personally suggest that all of these products are viable and work very efficiently at disinfecting a home. However, I would suggest that Formula H is inferior to all of these products as the others all suit a specific purpose. For instance, Conficlean is an efficient product that is quite low cost for what it does and merely lacks the merit of a DEFRA testing. Additionally, Virkon is another product that is good value for money and efficient in pretty much every way, although of course this one is DEFRA tested. Finally, bi-00-cyst is produced especially for the treatment of coccidiosis, which is a disease that potentially has fatal repercussions of the appropriate disinfectant isn’t used. For this reason I recommend to you taking up any of these products depending on budget mostly, but for the absolute king in safety and efficiency bi-00-cyst will serve you very well and will make sure that you and your family enjoy having a healthy lifestyle whilst also keeping yourself, your loved ones and your pet safe from harm. Dog disinfectants are all brilliant and tailored to purpose, and so it is hard to even suggest that there is a victor in efficiency but bi-00-cyst surely has to take this title, and I would recommend it to anybody with any sized dog who wants a home environment that is absolutely perfect for all of those that live there. Without these assurances a customer may feel less inclined to purchase a product, but I promise you that all of them will serve you well.


At SPH supplies you can check out our store here to browse through these products and pick out the ones you need, but if you have any additional enquiries or want to order over the phone instead you can do so by calling our main line on 01363 860232, and ask about any of our products as we do not just sell dog disinfectants. Our online store is host to several other products from dog bowls to pet diapers, and we even sell disinfectants for other animal's aswell such as cats, birds and even reptiles. Whatever your need, from reading this article you can see that our dog disinfectants are the top of the range and will absolutely give you the service that you require to efficiently keep your household sanitary. We look forward to hearing from you soon and wish that you find refuge in the products that we have in our store.