Dog disinfectants vs. regular disinfectants

When you use the term disinfectant to describe a particular product, most people make the automatic assumption that you are referring to the human disinfectants that are used around the house for a variety of tasks. This may include an incredible number of products all for different purposes as we as consumers spend a vast amount of money per year on improving our homes as well as keeping them as clean and sanitary as possible, as germs can be considerably dangerous to our health if not dealt with quickly and efficiently. As the years have gone by more and more sophisticated versions of these products have been released, most of which will target a specific germ set to ensure that you carry on purchasing different types of products to use around the home.


Some examples of the specialist products that are often produced would be bathroom cleaners, toilet cleaners, kitchen surface cleaners and even hand scrubs. All of these products are specifically designed to kill of particular types of germs that live in different places (e.g. mould in kitchens and bodily fluids in toilets). This makes it very easy to make a household 100% sanitary but can often be quite expensive if too many products are purchased. As much as I would like to suggest that all of these products are desirable and work well it is probably safe to say that some of them aren’t as necessary as others. For instance, there are quite a few all-purpose cleaners that will deal with almost every household germ (especially for humans). This in turn means that most consumers will give themselves the automatic assumption in the back of their mind that anyone trying to sell a specific disinfecting product is providing you with one that does not do anything different to a generic all-purpose cleaner.


This is a great shame and is actually falsified information, as these specific disinfectants are very efficient at doing what they are supposed to do. It also means that a different form of disinfectant is often looked down on and deemed unnecessary by most of the general public. This of course if the fabled dog disinfectant, a product which is obviously tailored specifically for dogs in terms of cleaning and disinfecting the house. However, as previously mentioned most customers have it in the back of their heads that dog disinfectants must be automatically deemed unworthy and ineffective because of the fact that they are not all-purpose disinfectants that you can pick up from most supermarkets. This doesn’t exactly bode well for the product and means that through suspicion alone there are far less dog disinfectants sold than regular ones.


However, this misconception is a complete farce and is rather irritating since it means that a lot of customers do not trust dog disinfectants enough to use them and get maximum efficiency out of their products. This is because dog disinfectants are tailored for dog germs and not human germs, all of which are very different and bring forth a whole new dilemma and medium of bacteria in your home. Whilst most household cleaners will deal with human bacteria and diseases none of them will be targeted to also deal with dog germs, and so for this reason dog disinfectants are 100% necessary in keeping yourself, your pet and the rest of your family free from unnecessary illness or infection. For this reason you should definitely look into at least getting one form of dog disinfectant to radically increase your chances of keeping everyone in your home healthy.


The first thing to understand is that like regular disinfectants there are a lot of products out there for dog disinfectants, all of which will vary in price, effectiveness and the type of compound that they are. All should be manufactured and intended for the same purpose of disinfecting against dog germs, but obviously there will be differences in any product created and there are going to be some that are strictly better than others in the above fields. Furthermore, it is imperative that you decide to choose one of our four select products that we sell on our website, as we have researched many dog disinfectants over the years and have not yet found a superior product or anything close to one anywhere. As much as we appreciate that other products exist and may be more suited to some people we don’t think any other products should be used besides the ones that we sell as they are of the highest quality, cost efficiency and all yield excellent results. In all, we care about the satisfaction of our customers and by this term we make additional effort to ensure that you as a consumer are always happy with the items that we provide.


One of the first products that we started selling and also one of the first to hit the industry entirely has to be that of Formula H disinfectant. This product has been around for years and was actually originally use to disinfect hospitals by the NHS, and so you can be assured of the quality and standing that this product has in the UK as well as around the world if it was previously a common product to be used in hospitals. Formula H is also a very potent dog disinfectant which will deal with a lot of germs and infections including kennel cough and canine distemper as well as many others. Formula H is still commonly used today by a lot of our customers and other consumers around the UK because of the fact that it has been used for years and never become ineffective. Formula H has a good standing in the dog disinfectant market today and for this reason you should think about picking some up for yourself if you want to make sure that your home is germ-free from both the pet and human element, as bother are essential in preserving good health.


However, compared with the other products that we sell Formula H could be seen as inferior. For instance, Formula H has a 1:10 dilution ratio for the concentrate liquid form, which is one of the lowest of any type of dog disinfectant concentrate on the market and is certainly the most inefficient concentrate rate that we sell. Furthermore, this product may be efficient in the functionality but isn’t even cost efficient vs. other options because of the fact that the product has such a poor dilution ratio and for this reason it would be very difficult for the owners of the Formula H brand to break even let alone make a profit if they made their liquid cheaper than other options. As much as Formula H was once a cornerstone of the dog disinfectant and regular disinfectant market it has become more obsolete over the years. As much as I feel that it is still good many will just look for a better alternative of which there are quite a few.


The final disadvantage with Formula H that trumps all others is the fact that this dilute has been to cause some health issues for users in the past if not used correctly. There is a reason that this product is not used in hospitals any more, and this is because of the fact that some of the nurses who were using it to disinfect their hospitals were running into respiratory problems and occasionally skin problems aswell. Whilst it is often customary for a product to have some minor issues or flaws vs. others Formula H was causing some nurses to have serious issues through negligent use. This is because these particular nurses were not wearing the appropriate mouth protection and inhaling the fumes from the concentrate can be quite dangerous. As much as this product was efficient and safe in the right hands it relied on proper use rather than always being 100% safe, and so for this reason Formula H was scrapped from the disinfecting programme in hospitals and instead other alternatives were considered and used. As much as I appreciate the Formula H is not dangerous at all when used correctly the efficiency of an employee is always going to be a factor, and for this reason I would say that you should make sure to check out every other option before committing to Formula H.


Another dog disinfectant that we sell that is slightly more current and with-the-times is of course that of Conficlean. The brand of Conficlean is quite well regarded in the community for being the most cost efficient dog disinfectant on the market and this is coupled and supported by the fact that this brand is also known for being of very high quality. A low price and a useful product are two things that do not commonly go hand in hand, and so for this reason Conficlean should be considered a worthy advisory and comparison point for all forms of dog disinfectant, as it provides the client with an extremely solid product for a relatively affordable price and does not really have the most amount of disadvantages for this trade-off. In all, Conficlean is great and efficient in its cleaning power.


Furthermore, it is of great benefit that Conficlean has a dilution ratio of 1:100 when bought as a concentrate, which is a vast improvement and one-up of the illustrious Formula H brand and makes the product further cost efficient. In addition, the brand itself is not just limited to the concentrate product. There is also the question of the other products that the Conficlean brand produces, a couple of which I would suggest are the hand wipes and liquid hand disinfectors. These nifty little items are useful when you handle a dog a lot in day-to-day life, as the sprayed disinfectant is nowhere near going to cover everything especially if you are coming in contact with the dog itself for most of the day that could be host to a multitude of germs. For this reason it is my understanding that these hand cleaners are massively essential in making your house stay clean rather than just the initial cleaning process that you may go through of spraying your home with the disinfectant concentrate dilute. It is important to stay on top of things and these additional products allow you to do just that.


However, as much as Conficlean is a top product and comes highly recommended it is not without its flaws as any product will have. This primarily is the fact that Conficlean does not have a DEFRA (department of environment, food and rural affairs) rating or seal of approval as the company cannot afford the extortionate costs of the testing as it would reduce their profits by too much. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it keeps the price down and there are still several great recommendations for this specific brand, including mine. I have tested all sorts of disinfectant over the years and seen my share of the good, the bad and the ugly, and Conficlean for the price we charge is a mind-boggling product in what it does so at least test some of our product range out to see for yourself whether or not it does what is necessary to keep your home sanitary.


Despite the fact that these two previous products are extremely good and beneficial to your household, there are of course some brands that would be regarded as “premium” vs. others. The first of these brands is Virkon, which unbeknown to some is one of the most well known and commonly used disinfectants in the world. This isn’t usually for specific things and is mostly for dog disinfectants, but when particular scenarios occur it also serves another purpose. This very brand of disinfectant is quite literally used and distributed all over the world for what I would call national epidemics or breaches of health and safety. This would include such fatal illnesses as mad cow disease, swine flu and many more that are national outbreaks that have come to affect the UK at some point aswell. These things must be dealt with quickly and professionally in order to keep the general public safe, and so for this reason it is of great importance for you to think about what benefits Virkon can offer you and what “references” it has via been used for important illnesses vs. others that may not have done.


Additionally, Virkon is relatively cost efficient for the incredible quality of the product and is considered a giant among ants with regards to the disinfecting market. Furthermore, the product itself has been DEFRA tested and approved and wears this badge of honour on the labelling of its packaging as well as through other mediums. Additionally, I would add that Virkon comes in powder and tablet form instead of the usual liquids but it does still have a 1:100 concentrate ratio. The fact that it is in a solid form isn’t really that relevant to the efficiency of the product, but it does make it a tiny bit easier to store. As a one-strength solution with a good dilute ratio (much like Conficlean) Virkon has a strong stand in this market and should not be trifled with. As much as you would think there is also a laundry list of disadvantages to such an efficient product it really isn’t this way. It is just as effective as Conficlean but also boasts DEFRA approval, which whilst not of importance to some is considered essential by others, as the only way to truly ensure the safety of the user and the pets that the product is used to disinfect for is through a body of professionals who can test it.


The only real disadvantage that Virkon has is that it does not deal with every single micro-organism in terms of disinfecting. Despite dealing with basically all of them Virkon is not efficient against one particular organism that is very nasty and very hard to deal with. This is of course the coccidial oocysts that are commonly known for bringing upon the host a disease known as Coccidiosis. This is a horrible disease to get rid of, and has also been known for having many fatalities associated with it. For this reason I implore you to consider the final product that we sell if you have any fears of Coccidiosis and think that your pet may have it or develop it, or if you just want to be on the super safe side. At the end of the day these are your pets that you can be buying your products for, and so it is up to you to value how safe you want to be with your own dog. However, I would strongly suggest that the upmost safety is the best way and only way to treat your dog, and so for this reason I would pick up some of this new and innovative product, which is commonly known ass bi-00-cyst.


Bi-00-cyst is a brand of disinfectant that is relatively new in the market but is still just as efficient as the others and obviously deals with the massive problem of coccidiosis. The disease is one which is particularly nasty as it is known to be fatal in some circumstances, and to me potential fatality is the only reason you should need to pick up some of this wonderful product. It is one of our top sellers and with very good reason; a lot of people are willing to pay a premium price for a premium product, especially one that reduces the amount of fatal illnesses that a dog can have. Personally I think that bi-00-cyst is the best product on the market today, and although it may be a little pricy this is not exactly much to invest when it secures the future of you, your family and your dog.


Bi-00-cyst solely comes in the more common liquid concentrate form, but has quite big differences vs. other products out there. This is one of the few disinfecting products out there that has a multiple-strength solution which can be made in different concentrations in order to deal with different things. Despite there being a 1:30 concentrate ratio associated with killing coccidiosis bacteria this product can be mixed at different concentration ratios depending on which sort of bacteria you want to kill. As much as mixing this liquid at different ratios could potentially save you money you buy the product for the strict purpose of preventing coccidiosis anyway, and so I would think that a constant 1:30 ratio would suffice to uphold the upmost safety and sanitation in your household. Without taking due care your pet could pick up a very harmful illness, and so be sure to use the highest concentrate ratio possible unless there really is a pressing need to do otherwise. Your pet should be considered a reasonably high priority, and so for this reason I would personally at least sample bi-00-cyst to give it a go, as it is used in most kennels, catteries and also even in some farmyard disinfecting for places such as chicken pens. Ultimately, as this product has too been DEFRA tested it is slightly superior to Virkon through the elimination of one particular type of bacteria. It is a product that I have used for many years and would definitely recommend to you, as there is no real disadvantage to getting it besides a slightly increased cost, of which I would consider a necessary payment in order to secure sanitation within a household.


In all, these products are all really great and will trump any other type of dog disinfectant you can find out there. They are specifically designed to deal with most forms of bacteria and will kill the particular germs that dogs carry and those that affect the health of dogs and humans alike in order to allow you to have an infection-free home, which bodes very well for you and your loved ones. As much as we would like to think that we can just go through life without any sort of additional costs for things it’s just something that we have to come to terms with as there is always a price on anything in life, and the health and safety of ones household and family is no different in this regard.


As much as some scepticists would suggest that dog disinfectants aren’t necessary and that regular disinfectants will do the trick this is not true at all. This would be like saying that a human could eat dog food on a regular basis and be just fine, but realistically this is not the case. Dogs need a whole different nutrient set and food groups/amounts to us, and the same is so with disinfectants. Dogs carry and are susceptible to a lot of the germs that we aren’t, and so for this reason there is no doubt that a dog disinfectant and regular human disinfectant are both necessary in order to keep a household clean and free from infection. Check out our product range and sample some for yourself in order to establish which of these dog disinfectants is perfect for you, but as a general guide I would say for those on a budget to purchase Conficlean and for those with a little extra to spend Virkon and bi-00-cyst are the concentrates for you. It may also be worth investing in a Conficlean hand scrub, as there is no reason why you shouldn’t pick one up as washing your hands before and after handling a pet is of the upmost importance when looking to come into contact with your dog every single day of the week. Conficlean hand scrubs are not really of an extortionate price, so being sure to pick some up for yourself today as well as whichever concentrate seems to be the best for you.


If you want some more information on our products or to discuss ordering these products over the phone, you can do so by calling our main line on 01363 860232 in order to speak to one of our advisors about the products that we sell and what they can do for you. Alternatively, you can also drop us a quick email at and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We have the customer in mind and are hoping to allow you to make your household as sanitary and germ-free as possible, so pick up our dog disinfectants today as they are infinitely more effective than regular disinfectants at killing dog germs.