Do different cat disinfectants treat different germs and infections?

There are several cat disinfecting products on the disinfectant market, most of which are very efficient at doing what they do, although as with every product and ever market sector there are always going to be some products that are better/worse than others depending on the price and costing of the items used to create it. As much as we would like to think that every product sold is going to be efficient and just as efficient as the products before it this is simply not the case and it is naive to think that all cat disinfectants will be just as useful as others on the market. There are a select few disinfectants that i would recommend and you should probably look to avoid all others.


These particular products are all sold in the online store at SPH supplies, as we only look to bring our customers the highest quality pet products, and disinfectants are doubly important as they are a huge part of keeping you, your pet and your family safe as well as ensuring that you have a germ-free and sanitised home. Having a safe environment in your household is massively undervalued by a lot of people, who feel that using an all-purpose household cleaner is enough to make a home sanitary and fit for both pet and human alike. However this is far from being the case, as I would suggest that cat disinfectants are just as important if not more important to have in the home, as unbeknownst to most people cats and other animals have a very different set of germs and diseases that react in different ways to human disinfectants, and so personally I think that there is absolutely no possible way that you can deny that the use of a cat disinfectant is imperative to having a healthy environment for animal and human alike.


Cat disinfectants as previously mentioned are specifically designed and formulated to deal with cat diseases as well as some for other animals such as pigeons, dogs and even farm animals. All of the disinfectants that we sell are of the highest quality, but as also discussed earlier there are always going to be some products that do more than others or are just strictly better. For this reason, this article will aim to ascertain and explain the different types of infection that occur in cats that could affect both the cat itself and you and your family, as well as demonstrating and elaborating on which disinfectants kill which particular type of germ, virus or disease. This should allow you as a customer to make a more informed decision as to which path or disinfectant you are going to choose on a regular basis, which will also bring in the elements of other factors such as cost and concentration rates in order to allow you to compare and come up with the perfect product for your particular needs.


However, if cost is considered a boundary to you and you do not want to spend more than a certain amount of money I would still recommend looking for the product best suited to you for the other reasons. You may have to invest a little extra money to getting the correct product, but at the end of the day what is a slight increase in cost vs. having a household that could very well harbour a whole host of germs that may have fatal consequences associated with them is not really a trade that anybody should be willing to take. Pet disinfectants are absolutely necessary as regular human disinfectants just can’t and won’t deal with the germs produced by our feline friends, and so be sure to read on and find out what a cat disinfectant can do for you, as well as the product that we would most recommend for yourself.


Firstly, I would like to analyse our absolute best product, as it is something that you should be considering initially and immediately before thinking about any of our other products, and even then you should only be thinking about others due to particular limitations with this product such as cost. The brand and item in question is known as bi-00-cyst, and comes in one form/variety, which is the liquid concentrate that so many disinfectants come in (especially those for pets). This particular type of cat disinfectant actually differs greatly to others as it actually has a varying dilution ratio depending on which kind of disease or infection you are looking to treat. Most other disinfectants have a one-strength-kills-all sort of approach, but with bi-00-cyst the developers of this product were insistent that it be variable depending on the specific need of the customer and the pet. These concentration ratios range from anything between 1:200 and 1:30, all of which are suited to deal with a specific germ set. The strongest form which is 1:30 is the recommended option and to me the strength that you should always use, as there is no need to take chances and risk your animals getting infected by a particular virus just for the sake of a weaker strength. This is additionally true because of the fact that bi-00-cyst is developed and purchased for a particular type of single-celled parasite that has been known to cause major problems in cat and dogs, and will occasionally even prove fatal. I am of course talking about the phenomena that is coccidial oocysts, which is also where bi-00-cyst gets its name from. Coccidiosis is a very nasty disease for any pet to have, and essentially causes rotting in the indigestion system of the pet. As bi-00-cyst is the only product that deals with this issue effectively there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t use it all of the time without a serious financial constraint, as you obviously want the best for you and your pets and do not want to have to deal with any unnecessary illness or in extreme cases loss of life. You owe it to your pet to purchase this product, as without it you leave their fate to chance and this is not something that I would personally recommend.


The second product that we sell which is also one of our top sellers and high up in the ratings in terms of service vs. the other products that we sell is that of Virkon. Virkon is actually a very well known product as it is shipped and distributed all across the country at the time of certain national epidemics. These are all pretty bad diseases that made world news such as mad cow disease and bird flu, and so this in itself should automatically give you a lot of reassurance that this is the perfect form of cat disinfectant for anyone who wants a good referral from a lot of people or a professional organisation rather than word of mouth or advertising. Virkon is at the end of the day a very renowned product and for this reason is one of the most recognised cat disinfectant products in the UK and by extension the world, as a lot of people will pick it up for the aforementioned reason of being used in the case of really dangerous diseases.


This particular brand even has the added advantage of being recognised as a top quality and efficiently functioning product because of the fact that it has the seal of approval and a testing recognition from DEFRA. DEFRA is the body that governs the efficiency of a lot of different chemical companies, including that of those that provide disinfectants. For this reason their mark means a lot to consumers, and considering bi-00-cyst has the same DEFRA testing this is pushed even further to being a relevant advantage, and so you can be absolutely guaranteed that you will receive a top tier service with Virkon and are unlikely to reconsider any other product besides obviously the specialist bi-00-cyst.


Virkon itself is also a concentrate, but this time has a fixed dilution ratio that is consistent as a “one strength kills all” formula which is a dilution ratio of 1:100. Furthermore, this particular product actually comes in tablet and powder form rather than being a liquid disinfectant, which is quite irregular but does not have any sort of negative impact on the efficiency of the product. In fact, besides the lack of treatment for Coccidiosis Virkon really is exactly the same in terms of quality and value-for-money as bi-00-cyst, as well as having much the same effect and success in killing bacteria and providing a healthy environment for families.


The only real disadvantage that I can really find with Virkon is the aforementioned issue with not being able to deal with the coccidial parasites, and so for this reason it is superior to most other products and is more cost efficient than bi-00-cyst aswell. However, it cannot even get close to rivalling a different product known as Conficlean, as this particular disinfectant is the most cost efficient on the market and is still in many ways similar to that of Virkon. It may once again be in a liquid concentrate form but Conficlean also has a dilution ratio of 1:100 and is extremely efficient at killing most of the same forms of bacteria that Virkon is. Despite being a very cheap product it is still a strong stander in the market and we would not sell it on our site otherwise, and so you should be pleasantly and greatly surprised and appreciative of the service that we this product offers as it is professional, efficient and downright brilliant at killing germs and eliminating any potential hazards. As much as you would think that a cheaper product is less efficient this is definitely not the story with Conficlean, as we would 100% recommends it and it also has a lot of good reviews and responses from customers that use it. It is a one-strength solution that requires no real effort to create and is pretty efficient too.


The only real downside to Conficlean is that it doesn’t have the official DEFRA approval that Virkon and bi-00-cyst have. This does not devalue it as a product overall, but does mean that it is some way inferior to other products no matter how trivial. From the years of experience that I have had with Conficlean I can assure you of its sophistication and ability to disinfect, as it has been around for years and has always served me well when I have been using it. Conficlean is also not limited to the concentrate liquid that most people use around their homes, they also have a variety of other products that make it easier for you as a consumer to keep your house germ-free and fit for human and pet alike. For instance, there is a hand scrub gel and wipe for those who handle their cats regularly and need to clean their hands before and after handling the pet, as well as a specially formulated washing liquid that not only cleans clothes but also disinfects them at the same time in one wash. This makes for great smelling clothes as well as no possible chance of a cat-specific disease or germ infecting the household. Sometimes the surfaces in a household alone are not enough, and these alternative Conficlean products make it so much easier for you as a consumer. Conficlean is another cat disinfectant that treats different germs and infections efficiently, so think about getting some if you are on a tighter budget or are not as bothered about the seal of approval from DEFRA when purchasing a pet disinfectant from us.


The final product that we have on sale at SPH supplies is none other than Formula H. This product and brand has by far been around the longest, as the NHS used this particular substance for years in hospitals in England, as the NHS endorsed it as a disinfecting product primarily used to clean bedsheets and other such things. This in itself can give you as a customer the assurance and confidence that if it was used for such a task it must be a pretty incredible product to work with. As much as it is not used in hospitals any more due to negligent use by nurses when disinfecting things it is still a fine product to use if used safely and efficiently. This is because Formula H is a very strong disinfectant and therefore can give respiratory problems if inhaled excessively. With the appropriate face protection this should not be a problem though, and so Formula H could be considered an option for yourself. However, there are a couple of pretty major problems with Formula H that make some of our other products strictly better. For instance, the dilution ratio on Formula H is 1:10 which is terrible in comparison to the flipside which is the other products previously mentioned. Conficlean is a superior product and more cost efficient, and so brand loyalty is most of the reason why Formula H is still sold today. Additionally, whilst proper use will give you no problems whatsoever most people will obviously not want to risk the health of themselves and their families because of the fact that Formula H just happens to cause breathing issues from time to time. It would be far better to eliminate the issue entirely than to attempt to use a product that is potentially dangerous for yourself, your pet and your other loved ones. For instance, I would highly recommend purchasing other products other than Conficlean unless you are insistent on the brand itself through loyalty over the years.


In all, the products that we sell are all of the highest quality and come recommended by us as well as a host of other companies. For this reason you should definitely look to get some cat disinfectants from us, and can do so by calling 01363 860232, or emailing our sales team at You can also contact us if you are looking to bulk buy any of our products or just need some more information about the germs that they kill, the cost efficiency and the overall rating of these products. We look forward to hearing from you very shortly and anticipate your call in advance.