Which cat disinfectant is the most efficient?

Of all the products that you can choose from the great ranges of cat disinfectants there are obviously always going to be some that are more effective than others at killing off certain types of bacteria and in this there lies the problem of which one that you should choose. As much as there are other factors that could affect somebody purchasing a type of disinfectant (mostly cost), this article will be discussing only the efficiency of a disinfectant and which diseases and germs that they will kill along the way when compared to others. Some disinfectants are tailored for certain germs and some are designed to be all-purpose but one thing is for sure; every product is different and will not only kill a different germ set but also have other differences in terms of efficiency such as the form that it comes in and how easy it is to use. Although these things may not directly affect the overall disinfecting power I think that the way in which the product can be used by the consumer is also of great importance and is often undervalued by some people within the pet-owning community.


For this reason I am glad to present an article that will try and fish out which product that we sell could be considered the best and most effective when price isn’t an object, as so many of our customers are held back by cost and would actually look for the top product if they had the money and it was put before them, as the safety of a pet is not something to be sniffed at and the cost of vetinary bills and the emotional distress of a pet getting ill is nothing when weighed up vs. the cost of a few measly disinfectants that will put a halt to any issues you have had or may have in the future. Do not give your cat second best and be sure to read on to find out which specific cat disinfectant is the best for you and your pet.


At SPH supplies we primarily sell four cat disinfectants, all of which we would 100% recommend to our customers and feel are very efficient at what they do. However, they obviously all vary and some are not used as much any more and are not as good as others. For this reason I am going to start from the least efficient and build the way up to the best possible product in terms of doing the job of killing bacteria and viruses as well as making your property smell fresh.


The product that could be considered the least efficient that we sell has to be that of Formula H. The thing is that this product was actually used years ago by the NHS as a disinfectant in hospitals and for this reason it is relatively well known and decently popular in the community, as it was used all those years ago by a very important and renowned health body, and so this is why it is still used and semi-popular today among the global community and some of our customers. In all Formula H still gets the job done and does disinfect against most diseases and bacteria.


However, the flaws to Formula H make it a far less viable product to use. For instance, those that do not use the appropriate protective gear for their mouths may end up having very big and nasty respiratory issues, as this product has been known to give breathing problems as the fumes are very potent. Furthermore the amount of germs that this product kills is nowhere near enough and it even has a very poor dilution ratio to boot. Essentially all of the other products that we sell are strictly better in some way, as it isn’t even the most cost efficient and instead borders on the most expensive because the dilute ratio is so terrible. It takes up a lot of space and has superior counterparts, and for this reason I say read on and look into the other products that we offer.


The second disinfectant that we sell for cats is that of Conficlean. This is the most cost efficient and works pretty efficiently, but in terms of overall disinfecting ability it does once again fall a bit short. Whilst dealing with more diseases than Formula H the other two products are once again strictly better. Furthermore, Conficlean and Formula H alike do not have the signed approval of a governing body saying that these products are top-of-the-range, and so despite being of a very good cost for the service given it isn’t the best and it is good to move on to the final two contendors.


The second best product in my opinion for killing bacteria and disinfecting surfaces is that of Virkon. Unlike the other concentrates this one actually comes in powder form and is infact used and shipped across the world in national epidemics such as the recent swine and bird flu fiascos. This by itself should be enough of an inkling that this product is perfect for you and your pet, but there is more. This particular product has also been DEFRA tested for its ability to disinfect and actually is known for the ability to kill particular germs and diseases such as certain forms of pet HIV and AIDS, which are obviously big hitters and this sort of service is not to be sniffed at. For this reason Virkon is extremely highly regarded and is even decently cost efficient aswell, but does not deal with absolutely every germ and disease out there and therefore cannot take the number one spot.


This prestigious achievement and prize has to of course go to the illustrious top disinfectant in our range which of course has to be bi-00-cyst. This nifty little compound is the best that we sell not because of cost efficiency or dilutions, it is because it does the best of the job description of all of these products; being a good cat disinfectant. Whilst the others deal with more mainstream and easy-to-kill strands of diseases bi-00-cyst deals with one that is particularly nasty and hard to deal with. I am of course talking about the huge problem put forward by a single-celled organism based virus called coxidiosis, which is an internal issue that can cause great pain and the rotting of the insides of an innocent little cat. For this reason it is considered the very best as it stops this very nasty disease from happening as well as many others, and so I would personally recommend that you make an effort to purchase this product if price isn’t an object. Besides that all of the others are viable options; however I would steer away from Formula H as the others are just better at what they do and the product is very dated.


To conclude, you can pick all of these products up from SPH supplies and now that you know which cat disinfectant is the most efficient you can make an informed decision for yourself. Simply call our main line on 01363 860232 with any enquiries and we will do our best to find you a solution and your perfect product.