What is the best brand of cat disinfectant?

What are cat disinfectants?


Over the years there have been many developments and new products bought about from all over the world that relate to disinfectants, specifically pet disinfectants. They have been so many recent innovations in regards to cat disinfecting products that there is a lot of choice in the market, and for the most part these choices are high-quality and do their corresponding jobs very efficiently. All of these products are designed to keep a household safe and free from harm with regards to the amount of dangerous germs and diseases within that affect cats, dogs and other pets, and so they are very helpful and absolutely necessary in ensuring that you, your pet and your family are all safe from any unwanted illness that could affect them.  


There are many types of cat disinfectants out there and several of them are viable and an option for you to consider as a consumer, and so be sure to read on so that you can make an informed decision of your own as to which type of disinfectant suits your individual needs both in terms of cost and efficiency, as well as attempting to identify the top products and a perfect product (if there is one).


What makes them different from regular disinfectants?


Cat disinfectants are generally a tiny bit more expensive than generic disinfectant sprays, and so many people will ask themselves why it is necessary to pay the extra, and what exactly you are paying for by purchasing these disinfectants. The answer is very simple really; these disinfectants are specifically designed and tailored to deal with the germs and viruses that affect dogs and not humans. Regular human disinfectants are not engineered to kill dog pathogens, and so if you rely on regular disinfectants to keep your house clean you take the risk of you and your pets becoming extremely ill. As with most animals different germs will affect us in different ways, and so a pathogen that is harmless to us humans could potentially be fatal to cats and give them severe issues with breathing or functioning properly. As we can’t really guess at which of these germs are going to affect us it is of the upmost importance that you opt to choose a generic disinfectant that covers everything, as nobody should pretend to be a pet illness expert and try and guess at which condition they have purely for a cheaper product. It is not good practice and can put your pet in a lot of danger, and so be sure to fish around for  compounds that will keep your cat safe from a variety of illnesses and viruses. Your pet doesn’t have the capacity to choose for itself, and so it is up to you as an owner to take initiative and protect them yourself before they can be harmed.


Another reason why cat disinfectants are different and 100% necessary vs. regular disinfectants is the fact that they are all non-harmful to humans if used correctly. Human disinfectants are different in this regard as they can still cause illness in cats despite being tailored to protect humans. The chemicals in some regular disinfectants such as Dettol are actually very harmful to cats, and so it is very important to stop your pet from being exposed to these sprays when they are used. As much as you would think that a disinfectant spray couldn’t possibly be harmful there are obviously some chemicals that humans are more tolerant of than pets (and vice versa) resulting in an incandescent need to differentiate between the two products and use both of them. As previously mentioned cat disinfectants are non-lethal if used correctly, and so for this reason they do not pose a health risk and are essential to keeping cats safe. There is literally no reason why you shouldn’t consider getting one of the several items on offer from a variety of companies and brands.


What are the top cat disinfectant brands?


There are several trusted and reputable brands of cat disinfectant out there, all of which will be specifically targeted for certain pets and most of which will be professionally tested for efficiency and safety. Although some of these products do not have the recognition of a regulatory board for cat disinfectants it does not make them any less credible and therefore you should not solely choose a disinfecting brand just because of the fact that they have been approved by a trusted body. Not all of the companies that sell disinfectants are large enough to afford the cost of this badge of approval, but it does not make their products any less viable or professional. Infact, I would consider some of those which have no approval to be the very top brands in the market overall and so this title is meaningful but not to the point where all other products are inferior or not considered to be good.


I have tested and used many brands of disinfectant over the years for my own cat, and a lot of them have fallen short in terms of the results I received. However, there are four predominant brands that stand above all others that I would highly recommend and endorse for you to buy. These brands are easily the top 4 in the pet disinfectant market and all offer a whole lot of benefits with limited risks or downsides. From the amount of time I have been looking after my pets I can safely say that I have tried almost everything and I continue to use all of these products to this day. It is vital for me to keep my household clean and my cat safe from harm, and so I would suggest that my opinion has a relatively good standing in an argument as to which products are optimal since there really shouldn’t be a debate.


The four top brands that I would 100% recommend to anybody with a cat are:


  • Formula H
  • Conficlean
  • Virkon
  • Bi-OO-cyst


All of these products are easy to pick up online from our website, and are only likely to be in the top pet stores. This is because of the fact that higher-end pet stores appreciate the quality of these products vs. the cheap alternatives found at home stores or lower-end pet stores. It is far better to go for quality over quantity and pay a little extra, as I am pretty positive that most people would want the same treatment if they were in the pet’s situation. A cat cannot decide for itself which disinfectant will be used to kill the germs that affect it, and so do the right thing and treat others as you would like to be treated yourself by giving your pet the best chance at being healthy and living a prosperous life. It isn’t much more to pay for a lot of happiness, so be sure to read on about these four products and decide for yourself which is right for you before you commit to buying anything from our site.


The first product, Formula H, is probably one of the least desirable of these products. This is partially for the fact that Formula H is less cost efficient than most of the other brands shown above. Although the liquid itself is very cheap it only has a 1:10 concentrate ratio, which is extremely bad and therefore will take up a lot more storage space whilst still being an inferior product in terms of price. It is strange to think that this product would be more expensive than others, but unfortunately this is how the situation pans out and therefore Formula H isn’t exactly at the top of everybody’s list. However, the product is still very efficient in its disinfecting power and does its job very well, and so it is still a force to be reckoned with in the disinfecting market. The purchase of this product mostly stems from brand loyalty as there are just so many alternatives which could be considered better, and so Formula H still receives a lot of attention and sales from the “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” concept where some customers will not convert to other options purely from the fact that Formula H has always worked for them.


This isn’t really that surprising as Formula H was infact used in hospitals a lot many years back as a disinfectant for general use around the place. The fact that the NHS used this product all over the country in professional establishments is a big thumbs-up and advantage of using Formula H, as professional health specialists used this product in the past. However, there is a reason why the NHS doesn’t use this product to disinfect hospitals any more. This is purely from the fact that this particular concentrate does require a lot of due care in the application and mixing process, as the compound has been known in the past to give customers respiratory problems and/or skin rashes. Obviously if the consumer is using the appropriate protection gear such as gloves and a facemask this won’t be a problem, but for those who are negligent and careless with it they can seriously harm themselves. Even though misuse is the reason why some people have troubles with this product I would suggest that it is still probably worth considering other options before making the decision to commit to a particular brand. As much as I appreciate that Formula H is a good product there are just better ones at our disposal.


The second product that we sell on our site is that of Conficlean. Conficlean is a very established company that deals mostly in concentrates once again but also has a bigger variety of products than probably any other company or brand on the market. Whilst others may not see it necessary to have a decently sized range of products Conficlean offer a lot of different types such as hand scrubs and even washing liquid which will clean clothes but is also specifically treated to kill cat bacteria and diseases. Whilst these products aren’t necessarily all needed they are all functional, fit for purpose and make your job of keeping the house clean that much easier, and so it is definitely something once again that you should at least consider rather than sticking it under the mat. As with Formula H Conficlean does not have DEFRA approval (department of environmental, food and rural affairs) they will be looked down upon by some, but rest assured that the product range and high quality of Conficlean more than makes up for this lack of seal of approval. The fact that the product hasn’t been tested by such an organisation means that their costs are far lower and by extension the product is cheaper, and so this works out even better for you as a customer as you can rely on our recommendation to guide you through and provide you with the most optimal product for yourself.


Another product that we pride ourselves in providing because of its effectiveness and prominence in the market is that of Virkon. Virkon is a product that many will know is used and shipped out across the world in all health and safety epidemics, especially with regards to animal diseases (such as swine flu or foot and mouth disease). This highly effective germ killer should be one of the biggest to consider when thinking about a disinfectant at home to keep you and your pets safe, as it is obviously a huge deal that the product is used in times of crisis and sent across the world to deal with these issues. A lot of other products would merely be shadowed by Virkon, and so be sure to think about what Virkon could do for you, your household and your family.


Furthermore, Virkon has actually been DEFRA tested, and although as previously stated several non-tested products are very high quality it should always be seen as a bonus and so gives Virkon a big standing in the market today. Virkon is even a concentrate like many others aswell, with one distinct difference. Whilst other concentrates have differing concentrate dilution ratios and forms Virkon actually comes in a tablet or powder concentrate rather than a liquid. This doesn’t make much of a difference at all in terms of functionality and safety, but if you are looking to cut down on the use of storage space Virkon is far better to use than a product such as Formula H in which the dilution ratio isn’t very good and the fumes can cause health and safety issues. However, there is no need to worry as Virkon has none of these issues and will cut down on your storage space usage, and so for a tested product that has all the boxes ticked and kills several parasites and diseases Virkon is definitely an appropriate option.


The final product that we offer at SPH supplies is that of bi-00-cyst, one of the lesser known products but nevertheless very effective in killing bacteria and infact more focused at a particular group or type of germ/virus. Whilst the other products are all very efficient at killing bacteria and kill several types with their “one strength solutions” (use one strength to kill all) bi-00cyst can be mixed at many different dilutions to kill certain things. Although I would not personally recommend this and would suggest that a max strength solution should always be used, purely for the fact that consumers are not exactly pet disinfectant experts or know the amount of disinfecting concentrate needed to do a good job of something or protect against certain bacteria. This is furthered by the fact that bi-00-cyst is one of the few products on the market that can deal with germs and viruses such as endoparesites. These nasty little single-cell organisms will cause problems such as a disease known as coxidiosis which is basically fatal in most household pets including cats and dogs. This germ gives the pet a problem with their indigestion system which in turn can cause the pet to have their insides basically rot from these very dangerous parasites. It is something that no pet should have to endure and the max strength bi-00-cyst is one of the few ways to deal with it, and so I would suggest that purchasing this product and using the max strength constantly out of not knowing how to identify the virus. It is worth paying a bit of extra money to ensure absolute safety and cleanliness, and so be sure to use the high strength 3% concentration mixing in order to get the most out of bi-00-cyst. Although this is more than the usual 1% concentrate rate needed for Conficlean and Virkon it is certainly worth it as this is the most damaging of viruses that we can think of for cats, and bi-00-cyst also covers every possible disease that the others do but has a more functional focus on this particular problem with coxidiosis, and of course this product has also been DEFRA tested. If you want absolute consistency in the cleanliness of your household then I would definitely recommend using this product as your number one source of efficient cleaning in order to make your home sanitary, safe and desirable for your family to be in without encountering any major issues.


One of the things that may constrain you as a customer though is infact the fact that you may not have the highest amount of funds available to you. We understand that this can happen and therefore for those with less money Conficlean concentrate is the most cost efficient product, but Virkon is also extremely good. However, if you have the cash to spare do not be hesitant to spend a little more than usual on the health and sanitation of your home, and be sure to look for a more expensive and efficient product such as bi-00-cyst and potentially a hand cleanser or scrub that is also from Conficlean would be good for you. There is no point in holding back if you have the funding to do something as your own health and safety as well as that of your pets is so vitally important to living a happy life in addition to having a happy home. As previously mentioned some of the dog germs and viruses can potentially be fatal and very harmful to either species so to be 100% safe have a look at our product range in order to decipher what it is exactly that you need from us.


I would consider all of our products to be top-of-the-range and every single one is worth picking up or at least testing before establishing loyalty and coming to a final decision as to which type is best for your own individual needs. However, the product that we would endorse the most has to be bi-00-cyst. This is purely from the fact that this is an all-purpose disinfecting concentrate that will handle any and all germs around your household, as well as being DEFRA tested and having a lot of positive feedback and ratings from customers. Essentially every box is ticked with this product and it is not even that expensive, and so can be utilised very efficiently by anybody looking to disinfect an area whether it be their own home, a kennel or a particular building used for a cat show for example. Regardless of what your need is make sure that you have assessed and sorted through all the options in order to find your perfect product rather than settling with something familiar or cheap. Although Conficlean is still a good product and cost efficient it doesn’t mean it is always the best option for everyone.


If you would like to get in contact with us regarding getting some cat/pet disinfectants for yourself you can do so by going through our online store here to find what you are looking for, or by calling 01363 860232 and asking to purchase our products/asking questions about our products if you have any. Our sales team is on hand from 9-5 on weekdays to deal with your every request, and so be sure to contact us or check out our products online if you are interested in disinfectants or any other animal-related products. We are here to accommodate your needs and we look forward to helping you out soon.