Are disinfectants for dogs worth the money?

Over the years, we as humans have become more and more cautious about being clean and giving ourselves a healthy and sanitary living environment. We use more cleaning products that we ever did and in a greater variety as different disinfectants and cleaners are specifically designed to do different jobs (e.g. bathroom and kitchen cleaners will do something very different to toilet bleach). The market has grown exponentially and continues to grow every day, ensuring that we as a nation are kept safe from harm from nasty viruses and bacteria such as e-coli and salmonella.


There are also a significant amount of disinfectants for pets, especially dogs. These products are scientifically designed to tackle bacteria and illnesses that dogs may carry whilst also eliminating human-based bacteria aswell, and so this inevitably keeps the whole family and any pets free from picking up unwanted and unnecessary illnesses, which are after all not exactly something that one would want to affect them.


These specifically designed dog disinfectants will often be slightly more expensive than regular disinfectants as they are produced for a specific purpose and to deal with a wider range of diseases. However, the question many ask of us with concerns to these products is simply if they are worth it or not? Do these dog disinfectants really make any difference at all, and is it an absolute necessity to pick them up over any other regular household disinfectant? Additionally, how significant is the cost increase and is it worth it to pay so much more merely to eliminate dog germs and viruses?


In our opinion, and the opinions of many other dog lovers and health specialist’s dog disinfectants are absolutely necessary to keep your home safe from infection. This is because of the fact that it is not often that humans come into contact with germs that are specifically picked up from dogs, and will become much more ill when exposed to these rather than regular human viruses and germs. For instance, the common cold will be an annoyance to a human and make them slightly ill but won’t have an overall impact on the way in which we function. However, with dog germs the body does not have the previous experience to make a significant enough amount of antibodies to combat the infection, and so these germs picked up from dogs can cause serious harm to us. For this reason alone, we absolutely think that dog disinfectants are 100% necessary for your purchase without any sort of thought or consideration. Endangering your own health and that of your family is not worth saving a few quid over, so be sure to pick up one of our dog disinfectant products as well as a spray bottle to make sure that your home is as sanitary as it can be to avoid any mishaps or unprecedented problems.


The other point of interest for dog disinfectants is if they are worth the money or not. As previously stated dog disinfectants are usually a bit more expensive than regular disinfecting products and in the opinion of some will not do much more or be that much more effective. However, as shown from the information above dog disinfectants are absolutely necessary, and we suggest that anybody with a pet should purchase at least a concentrate spray to ensure that they do not fall ill as a result of poor disinfectant usage.


At SPH supplies, we sell three brands of disinfectant ranging in price and quality to make sure that all of our customers can afford to keep their house clean and disinfected to a level where you, your family and your pets are completely safe from any health problems. Most of these disinfectants come in dilutable concentrate form that can be administered using a spray gun, but we also offer a few other products that will help you to stay disinfected and free of infection.


The first type of disinfectant that we sell is known as Formula H. This brand is regarded as our discount brand and is the cheapest, but this by no means that it is ineffective or not worth buying. If you don’t have the money to look for more expensive options Formula H works just fine when used correctly and is a 1:10 ratio concentrate that only has one strength and only requires the addition of water and a spraying device to administer it. Formula H is one of our more popular products and serves the purpose of disinfecting perfectly fine.


The only issue that can be considered when using Formula H is that it can be harmful to negligent users, as the chemicals used can occasionally give people breathing problems. This is why it is not used in hospitals any more as it used to be, as too many nurses and doctors were using this product in a lacklustre fashion and endangering themselves and the patients that they looked after. However, the solution to using this product is very simple. If the user has the appropriate protection for the face and mouth, the vapours will not affect you and the product can be used efficiently without any underlying problems.


The second brand of disinfecting product that we offer to our customers is that of Conficlean. This revolutionary product is considered the best on the market (excluding those with DEFA seals of approval). Although this product has not been approved by DEFA, we can guarantee that it is a non-harsh compound and we highly recommend it to anyone with a mid-price range who wants a disinfectant that works beautifully. This concentrate is a 1-100 ratio and once again is one strength for all purposes, and is known to kill very harmful germs in dogs and cats. Conficlean does come in the generic spray bottle solution, but we also sell wet wipes and hand scrubs for human use only and not on surfaces and appliances around the house. These disinfectants are great to use both before and after handling a pet, so it is recommended and ideal to stock up on them and give you every opportunity to steer away from harmful germs and viruses.


Finally, the product that we would most recommend and our top quality brand of disinfectant is that of Virkon. Virkon is DEFA tested and highly endorsed by companies all over the country, and will kill viruses even as dangerous as HIV and AIDS. This in itself is a miracle cure of disease, and reflects the effectiveness of Virkon. Furthermore, this compound is not just used to disinfect homes from pets and other unwanted germs. Virkon is actually used in national and international epidemics for diseases such as Bird Flu and Foot and Mouth disease, and so this is another major indicator that Virkon is the right product for anybody who thinks that they can afford it. This disinfectant comes in tablet and powder form, but is still diluted with water and used as a spray for a similar result to Conficlean, although obviously the fact that it is tested by a governing body for safety and effectiveness makes it superior.


In conclusion, dog disinfectants are absolutely necessary around the family home and we cannot emphasise more that you should pick yourself up some dog disinfectants, no matter which brand you choose. You can do so by clicking here to view our full range of disinfectants for dogs, where you can decide for yourself which product is right for you. We would not sell any of them unless we felt they were efficient at what they do, and so don’t be embarrassed or expect an inferior service from a cheaper brand such as Formula H and decide yourself which one you would like.


If you need more information about any of our products or would like to discuss ordering some of them you can give us a quick call on 01363 860232, or send us an email at and our customer service team would be thrilled to speak to you and work out the best solution for you and your household, as well as your pet.