What brands of pet disinfectant are there?

There are several types of antibiotic, disinfectant and medicine produced and sold all over the globe, all serving a different purpose and all being developed for different groups of people and/or animals. However, one major question remains with these disinfectants; what options are there and which are the most effective at doing what they are supposed to do. With so many different products on the market it can get confusing and hard to choose the correct one, and so this article will go into detail on which pet disinfectants we feel are the most effective and cost efficient for you as a customer.


At SPH supplies, we offer a lot of products that will make the ownership of a pet more enjoyable and a lot easier. For instance, we sell dog diapers to help with incontinence and over excitability, several different types of toy and food bowl to make for fun little things to make you and your dog a lot happier and to give you a stronger relationship as well as our several animal safe and tested disinfectants. These products are specifically designed for dogs, and we have been through a lot of products over the years to ensure that you and your pets get the best value for money with the most efficient product. With SPH supplies, you should never have any worries with regards to the health of you and your animals.


There are three predominant brands of disinfectant that we sell in our online store, each varying in a lot of aspects such as quality, cost and the strength of concentrate needed for them to be effective. We would not sell these products unless we were 100% sure that they work properly and are suited to any of our customers, and so the following information should help you to decide which type of dog disinfectant will best suit you and any of your pets.


The first product that we sell that is often regarded as a more discount brand is Formula H. This revolutionary product is usually bulk bought from our customers due to the fact that it can be purchased so cheaply, as well as the fact that it works so well. Obviously the other products on offer are likely to be more effective but Formula H will still do the job for a lot of dog and cat viruses and germs, giving it the title of a "small animal pathogen killer". This product disinfects extremely well and also deodorises the surface that it touches, as well as leaving a very pleasant smell to those who experience it after use.


However, vs. the other two products that we offer there is a slight drawback to Formula H that can be a problem if those that use it are not very careful when they do. This is because Formula H contains glutaraldehyde, which can be considered a harsh chemical if the user does not use the appropriate equipment to avoid any issues. This compound has been known to cause respiratory problems if a face mask or mouth protection device is not worn, and so we still recommend this product but ask customers who use it to take due care when doing so. For this reason Formula H is not used to disinfect things in hospitals any more, as some doctors and nurses were being negligent with the use of the product and were developing breathing and skin problems through self-infliction. If you feel like you won’t be complete safe when using Formula H, there are other economical options that will suit you better.


For instance, the second and most popular product that we sell is known as Conficlean. This mixture is 100% safe in whatever situation you place it in, as it does not contain any harsh chemicals and is more effective at disinfecting than Formula H and kills a longer list of germs and bacteria, as well as some viruses. Conficlean also comes in a dilutable concentrate form, but rather than the 1:10 ratio that Formula H entails Conficlean is a 1:100 ratio, meaning that your product will last for much longer and yet be just as effective. There is also only “one strength” needed to kill all germs, and so there is no guesswork involved with varying amounts of concentrate for different types of bacteria. Whilst some companies do not feel that varying strengths of disinfecting products is a problem, we feel that leaving a person or pet’s health in the hands of human perception and judgement is not the right thing to do and doesn’t ensure the safety of the parties involved. For this reason Conficlean is a very good product to use and comes highly recommended from a lot of companies including us.


The only seal of approval that Conficlean does not bear is that of DEFA (the governing body of health standards in disinfectants and other similar products). This rating is very expensive to achieve as it in involves a lot of testing each year, and therefore is not worth it for smaller companies to consider. It also doesn’t prove much considering customer satisfaction is what is important, and we have very few complaints about how efficient Conficlean is from our customer base.


Additionally, we sell several other Conficlean products including hand scrubs, wet wipes and laundry washing liquid to ensure that humans and their clothes are kept clean and sanitary as well as the objects that a pet may come into contact with. Most pet allergies and germs aren’t contagious, but for those that are they can cause serious damage to a human’s health. Therefore, we highly recommend the use of our other Conficlean products to make sure that you and your family are safe from harm.


Finally, the top-end product that we sell and 100% recommend to any pet owner is that of Virkon. For those that haven’t heard of it, Virkon is not just used as a pet disinfectant. This product is shipped all over the world to disinfect hospitals and vet clinics, as well as being the first point of action in national epidemics for diseases such as Mad Cow and Bird Flu. This is the absolute best in disinfectant technology, and does bear the DEFA badge to prove it. Virkon comes in power or tablet form rather than a concentrate, but is still diluted and used as a spray in the same way the others are.


To conclude, all three of these products will do the job effectively and are sold in our store because they will work and are not dangerous in the right hands. However, obviously we market a budget, medium and top-level brand of product, and so the one you choose will usually depend on your budget. However, in terms of cost efficiency and overall service we would suggest that Conficlean is the way to go, and this is proved by the fact that most catteries and dog homes will use it for their cages to keep pets sanitary and safe from harm.


If you would like to view our range of disinfectants or any of our other products, simply visit our home page here and navigate your way around our store. However, if you need any more information about our products or what we do you can call us on 01363 860232, or email sales@sphsupplies.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible and assist you in finding the appropriate solution to solve your disinfectant problems and needs.