Pet disinfectants to keep the house sanitary

Pets can be a huge problem with regards to their odours carrying around the house, as well as germs that they may pick up from all over the place. For this reason, we recommend that you consider investing in dog disinfectants to optimise the safety, health and cleanliness of your property all year round. If you do not disinfect your property significantly it can lead to a greatly increased chance of illness for both the dogs themselves and other family members. Dogs can carry all kinds of nasty illnesses with them whether intended or not, and so it is of vital importance to make sure that any and all germs are eliminated through the use of disinfectant sprays, hand scrubs and many other items that will assist you in doing so.


We at SPH supplies can provide you with disinfectants for a number of different pets, and we also offer an extensive range of products design to fit any wallet, which have varying levels of quality and trust marks. However, all of our products do their job correctly and are highly recommended to every single pet owner so that they can ensure that they stay safe and healthy as well as their pets.


The first brand of disinfectant that we sell is that of Formula H. Although we would consider it one of our lower end products, this does not make it any less effective or in lower demand. Infact, the Formula H products that we sell cannot be considered anything less than massively cost efficient. This product is a bulk buy that you can buy in anything as much as a 20 litre container, and we recommend that you also purchase a trigger spray bottle from us so that you can administer it properly and reload the disinfectant more proficiently. Although Formula H is a cheaper alternative this doesn’t make it any less effective, and we have several happy customers every single day who use the product on a regular basis and have no issues with cleanliness or health in their households at all. It is a well respected product within the pet community and is made primarily of glutoraldherhide. However, humans must be extremely careful when using this product as it does pose threats with breathing if used incorrectly. We therefore recommend to all of our customers that they use a face mask or some sort of mouth and nose cover to allow them to use this product without encountering any problems in terms of the safety of those using it.


The next product up and one of the very best in the market is that of Conficlean. This is a medium-priced product that gives unbeatable value for money as it is a top-end compound which kills all sorts of viruses and germs to ensure that you and your pet are completely sanitary. This product comes in both a pre-mixed and concentrated form, and will work efficiently from one strength and kill all germs with one particular mix strength. Where some alternative products encourage guesswork with regards to which dosage is needed for particular germs and infections, we feel that this is a terrible way of doing things and would like you to feel safe using our products for every single possible infection out there. Since not everybody who owns a pet is automatically an expert on the ins and outs of pet hygiene and health, it is much more optimal to use a professional product recommended by pet owners and pet product sellers who can offer much more in terms of expertise and knowledge about said subject. There is absolutely no benefit to using a lower strength disinfectant in your home versus this product that is still relatively cheap and yet offers premium cleanliness to your home.


Our Confliclean disinfectants are also administered through a spray bottle, ensuring ease of use to the customer as well as a massively superior product to other alternatives. Additionally, we also sell quite a few hand scrubs and wipes, which owners should use every time before and after handling a pet or disinfecting a household. The hygiene of human owners is just as important as that of the pet, and so we implore you to look after your own health when you own a pet that could potentially be carrying harmful germs, and Conficlean will be able to do this for you. This product barely has any definable difference in terms of quality when compared to our top-end product, the only difference being that both this and Formula H don’t have a DEFA approved testing mark that is often associated with high-end animal products.


The final product that we sell that we 100% recommend to all of our customers is Virkon. Virkon is extremely user-friendly and is known all of the world as the best disinfectant on the market, whether this be for pets or even higher-end institutions such as hospitals or in outbreaks of viruses across the world. Virkon is the number one product to be distributed across the world when there is a health scare or crisis such as that of foot and mouth or swine flu. This product is a Gold Standard according to DEFA, and comes in a powder or tablet form rather than a concentrate, but is still diluted to one strength to handle everything that could be a potential threat to the health of yourself and your pets. Any product that is used in national epidemics and hospitals as a disinfectant should definitely be a top priority for you and your animals, and so if you have a little extra money to spend on a professionally tested product Virkon is absolutely the right product for you. It is user-friendly, non-harsh chemically and cleans as well as the primary function of being a disinfectant. We would recommend it to the owner of any animal from a Doberman to a kitten, so make sure that you consider Virkon as your number one disinfectant for your home or workplace.


If you are interested in purchasing any animal disinfectants for your pets, you should absolutely consider SPH supplies, as we provide a range of products that are suitable for any budget and any customer. To be sent some samples or to get more information about our product ranges for all animals you can visit our contact page here to request a call-back, call our main line on 01363 860232, or email us at to bring your pets and yourself solace in the fact that you have a clean and hygienic home to support you and your pets. We are animal lovers and care about you and your animals, so feel free to approach us as we are friendly faces and know exactly what you need to be happy.