Disinfectants for household pets

We all know how difficult it is to keep a household clean for an extended period of time. There are several variables that can make it more difficult to do this, such as the amount of people living in a house, the level of consumption/waste left by those people and how often they use the facilities around the house. In other words, there are a lot of things that can cause a house to get very dirty very quickly, that will make it a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.


Pets are one of the bigger issues in terms of causing mess and uncleanliness around the house, especially dogs. This is because animals carry so many harmful diseases and viruses, and are likely to spread this all over the family home through rubbing against something or being in contact with it for an extended period of time (for instance lying on a living room rug for most of the day). The bacteria that are produced from animals are far more potent to others in the home, as where dogs may have built up immunity to a particular germ humans may not have, and so it can affect them without even knowing it is happening.


The way in which we try and tackle this issue without having to get rid of a pet is through the use of disinfectants. The products that we sell are specifically designed to give owners the ability to disinfect their house and eliminate any hygiene issues whilst also making the household smell fresh and nice for themselves and any external parties that may wish to visit without being met by the problem of risk of infection from dog bacteria.


We at SPH supplies sell three different types of pet disinfectants, which are designed to be used on any surfaces around the house that animals may come in contact with, which will usually include couches, carpets and even bed sheets depending on the dexterity of the owner and where they let their pets sit, lie and sleep. We consider our products absolutely essential to any customer who owns a pet or several, as hygiene is massively overlooked a lot of the time and it causes many people to fall severely ill without fully knowing the cause or consequence of not cleaning it properly.


The first of our elite cleaning and disinfecting products is that of Formula H. This product is more of a bulk buy, cheap alternative when put next to the others but do not make the mistake in thinking it is any less effective or cost-efficient for the service that you get. Formula H was once used in hospitals to disinfect living spaces once they had been used, and so you can see the sort of quality that you are dealing with.


One of the major flaws with Formula H, if you can call it a flaw, is that misuse can be very dangerous for both human and pet. This compound has been known to cause problems with breathing among users in the past, but this is merely through the absolute misuse and lack of care taken by some who do use it.


For this reason, we suggest that anybody who wants to choose Formula H as their disinfectant for their pets and household must wear a mask at all times to eradicate the chances of being affected by the concentrate. If the product is mixed correctly this won’t be an issue anyway; the only time that it will become a problem is when customers make an effort to directly inhale from the concentrate bottle, which is very unlikely to happen anyway.

The second product that we offer to our customers, which is still quite cheap as a mid-priced option is Conficlean. The products made by Conficlean may be less expensive than the high-end market and are not DEFA (Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture) approved and do not bear their seal of approval. However, this is quite irrelevant since this testing badge is very expensive to carry out and does not denote quality; it merely means that the product tested can meet their criteria when expensive tests are paid for. Conficlean is considered a powerhouse in the pet disinfectant market, and comes in concentrate form aswell but with 1% solution strength rather than the 10% for Formula H.


Conficlean is used in several kennels and catteries across the UK, and so this alone should show the sheer quality of the product through the fact that other companies that look after animals for a living are willing to pay for it and buy it over any other type of disinfectant. For the value given from this product, we feel that it is the most cost-efficient out there as the quality given is ridiculous when the price is still very low.


Conficlean also produce several other products that we sell that disinfect the home, such as wipes, hand sprays and laundry-washing mixture. The hygiene of those handling a dog is just as important as the dog themselves, as humans who handle dogs may come into contact with many other surfaces and people throughout the day, and the risk of spreading an infection is still there even with the rigorous cleaning done by using the Conficlean concentrate sprays. They also offer a product used to disinfect clothes whilst washing them known as “Laundry Wash”. This is a mixture of disinfectant, washing-up liquid and fabric softener, and will provide an unbeatable cleanliness to your clothes after you have been in contact with a pet throughout the day. All of these products are 100% recommended and despite not having a professional body confirm this we can assure you that you will receive an excellent service from these cleaning compounds.


The final product on offer at SPH supplies is that of Virkon. This type of disinfectant has been around for years and is by far the best that we can offer you. It has been DEFA tested relentlessly over the years, and comes in a powder or tablet form which will once again be diluted into water to optimise it. Virkon is well known for destroying all types of bacteria and disease, which could be anything as serious as HIV and AIDS. Because it is so effective at disinfecting areas of the household, it is not just used for pets and other animals to keep a home clean. This product is infact used all over the world to disinfect areas and fight new diseases that come out, and was shipped out all over the country when epidemics like foot and mouth and bird flu were a major issue. This product is also used in certain hospitals and medical institutions, and so you as a customer should be fully ensured that it will both kill germs and make your household a very clean living environment for you and your family/pets.


IF you need more information on any of our products or would like to sample them yourself, you can submit an enquiry form here or email us at sales@sphsupplies.co.uk. Alternatively, to speak to one of our advisors and order some of these products right away you can call 01363 860232, and our dedicated sales team would be more than happy to assist you in finding your ideal solution to cleanliness in your household.