Disinfectants for dogs

For many years we as humans have had an obsession with keeping things clean and making sure that we are not harmed by infectious germs and diseases such as E coli and Salmonella. We buy several household sprays and cleaners to make sure that we are kept safe from any harmful bacteria & viruses that may be lurking around, and in doing so we create an excellent living environment for our families and friends if they come and visit. Our perceived image is very important, and so many consider it a necessity to clean the house on an extremely regular basis, if not every single day.


However, the false assumption that many people have about the cleaners in their house is that they will deal with any and all problems. Many consumers will use a basic kitchen cleaner all around the house for bathrooms, living rooms and kitchen surfaces, when the cleaner is specifically designed to target certain bacteria, and is therefore fit for that one purpose. We unwittingly assume that because the product kills bacteria it will also tackle viruses. This is generally not the case, as many common disinfectants ONLY kill bacteria and don't affect viruses at all. Not so good when we are perhaps concerned with the spread of the common cold, 'flu, or even Norovirus. This poses an even bigger problem when you bring an animal into the equation, as dogs and other pets have a completely different genetic makeup to humans as well as massively differing germs and diseases that they spread. This misconception of a “does everything” kitchen cleaner can get members of a household severely ill and make for a majorly unsanitary environment. In addition to this, there are several household cleaners that contain ingredients which are extremely detrimental to your pet's health. For example, cats should never be exposed to disinfectants based on phenolic compounds – these typically turn milky in water, (a common one is Dettol) as these are toxic to them.


The best way to deal with this is by considering purchasing disinfectants that are specifically tailored for use around animals. These are tested for their safety with animals, and also against the particular viruses and bacteria that can affect the health of your pet. They can be used over most domestic surfaces parts to give both a clean finish and a pathogen free environment, as well as making your house smell great. These disinfectants are 100% necessary with any sized dog or pet that can roam freely around the house, and even those that live in cages such as guinea pigs should have their cages cleaned out and disinfected extremely regularly, as they carry just as many germs and should not be taken lightly despite their size.

At SPH Supplies, we strive to give our customers a wide choice of cleaners and disinfectants to use around your dogs. We can advise on the cheapest most cost effective product to use for your circumstances, and can also advise what to do in the event of health problems within your animals where you want to try and limit the spread of infection.


Formula H disinfectant concentrate is a liquid which should be mixed at a ratio of 1:10 with water, and has a good spectrum of activity against both viruses and bacteria, as well as fungal conditions such as ringworm. This product is highly recommended in both homes and professional places of work such as kennels. Note that this is a disinfectant, and does not clean – this will need to be done in a preparatory stage before disinfecting begins. This compound has also been used in hospitals in the past, although some misuse and lack of care with this product has lead to human health problems – while it killed 'the bugs' its constituents themselves are potentially hazardous to human health.


This is because of the fact that Formula H contains something known as glutaraldehyde, which can cause both respiratory and skin problems if suitable precautions aren't taken when using it. With the appropriate amount of care and precaution such as the use of a face mask, the consumer will be able to use this product without any issues whatsoever, and gets rid of most germs that coincidentally give respiratory problems. For this reason, we recommend that all customers who buy this product know how to use it properly, and follow the mixing instructions and usage guidelines thoroughly. We do, however, have alternatives for those who feel slightly uneasy or uncomfortable in their ability to use this product safely.


Both Formula H and Conficlean2 are produced by PetLife, well known for their Vetbed Original and Vetbed Gold animal bedding. Conficlean2 is well established in the pet community, and it is used by many boarding kennels and catteries to keep the living environments of the pets to an absolute maximum in terms of cleanliness and being germ-free. It is a concentrated liquid which is diluted down to a 1% solution for activity against a wide range of bacteria, viruses and fungi. A small bottle of the Conficlean2 concentrate goes a very long way! This product combines 2 operations in 1 – it cleans surfaces, as well as disinfects them, which can end up saving time and labour around the home.


Conficlean2, like Formula H, is also available in a diluted option to create a non-concentrated spray for household and commercial use. This saves diluting down the concentrate – but works out more expensive in the long run. The use of a disinfectant, with a trigger spray bottle, is by far the most popular method in terms of dogs and other household animals, and hence we also supply two sizes of trigger spray bottle to use with the concentrate that you chose to purchase.


We also sell other Conficlean2 products in our online store which will also assist in keeping your home sanitary. For instance, hand scrubs and washes are sold so that customers can handle their dogs on a daily basis knowing that there will be no unnecessary spread of germs as a result. We sell their Wet Wipes, Foaming Hand Rub and Foaming Hand Scrub, which means that there should be no problems whatsoever with infections if they are used before and after handling any pet or cleaning with the concentrate formula. Essentially, if all of these things are used you will have a clean enough household to be able to live happily without the thought in the back of your head of what could go wrong if the disinfectants aren’t optimal enough to suit your specific needs.


The final product on offer at SPH Supplies, and the one we consider to be of outstanding and unmatched quality, is that of Virkon. This product, unlike the others, comes in either a powder or tablet form, rather than a liquid concentrate. This disinfectant has been tested and approved by DEFRA, and therefore assures absolute perfection in terms of the quality of the product. In fact, globally, this disinfectant is considered a “Gold Standard” in terms of the pathogen-killing power that it has.


Virkon is actually used around the world to treat more than just germs around the canine and feline communities; it is in fact widely used for epidemics of infections such as that of Swine flu, Bird Flu, Foot and Mouth, as it is that proficient at disinfecting that it kills viruses ranging from colds to the more serious MRSA, AIDS or HIV. Virkon has been independently tested and proven against over 100 strains of virus from 22 viral families, 400 strains of bacteria and over 100 strains of fungi. This includes health challenges to the canine population such as Canine parvovirus, Salmonella, E. coli and animal origin MRSA, and of course, such things as kennel cough and distemper.


Virkon is both a cleaning product as well as a disinfectant, and remains active in the face of considerable organic challenge, unlike the majority of other products in the market place. Like Conficlean2, it is used at a dilution of 1%, so this can be as easy a filling your 500ml spray bottle with clean water, and adding either 5gm of powder, or 1 x 5gm tablet of Virkon concentrate. Virkon is used in a huge range of different environments and different industries, from situations as varied as disinfecting the re-breather pieces for those that go scuba diving, to cleaning hospitals, dental surgeries, farms and poultry houses, and of course, kennels and catteries. It is also used on cruise ships against Norovirus, and for those that go freshwater fishing!


One consideration to bear in mind when purchasing disinfectants for your pets is the question of dilution. Some products are marketed as use 'x' strength for this area, and 'y' strength for that area, and if you have a known health challenge use 'z' strength. Unfortunately this approach will mean that many pathogens of concern are not being controlled, but are instead evolving with a resistance to that disinfectant. This can seem like a marketing ploy, as the product will, in some cases hence stretch to more litres of solution, but ultimately it will mean that the disinfectant is not active against particular pathogens within your household. Many of the disinfectants commonly available within pet shops and supermarkets are only active against bacteria, and don't start to tackle viruses – again leaving your pets open to infection and illness.


If you are at all interested in the disinfectants for dogs that we sell and would like to find out more about our products, you can give us a call on 01363 860232, submit an enquiry here or email or team at sales@sphsupplies.co.uk and we will hastily bring you towards your goal of having a sanitary household fit for all the family.

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