What brands of dog disinfectants are there?

Dogs are mans best friend, and have been for several years of their existence. They are the pet that we love so much, and with so many different breeds to choose from it is hardly surprising. From Chihuahuas to Great Danes, we do everything in our power to give dogs a happy home and a good life no matter what the cost. Dogs can take up a huge part of our lives, and so we consider it very important for both pet and owner to be completely safe in terms of sanitation and comfort.


Dogs are wonderful creatures to live with and make great companions, but it is still of great importance to ensure that the living conditions of pet, owner and household are kept to a high standard. This is because dogs like many other animals carry with them a lot of germs and diseases. These bacteria will spread and settle anywhere the dog may go, whether that is the couch, kitchen floor or a bathroom it will be a problem all the same. This is why it is so integral that owners ensure that their homes are kept clean and germ-free so that the infections cannot pass on to humans or any other pets that you may have.


Disinfectant sprays are the best way to go about eliminating any risk to the health of man and dog alike. They are specifically designed to destroy and bacteria that may be lingering around the home, as well as freshening and making it smell a lot better too. Dog smells can be a huge problem for owners as well as external guests who are not used to them, but SPH supplies can help you to get rid of germs and smells with 3 very effective products, all of which are highly recommended and are well known for their ability to kill bacteria and sanitise the household.


The first of these products is known as Formula H. Of the three disinfectant brands that we sell this would be considered the discount brand and is a bit more risky to use without the proper amount of care and precision, but is still well respected in the marketplace and is very effective at killing viruses and bacteria. This product is considered to be a “one strength solution”, and so this concentrate should be watered down and diluted at a ratio of 1:10 parts solution/water. This product is proficient in killing several types of bacteria and helps to reduce the risk of diseases such as kennel cough, leptospirosis and canine distemper. It is also a viable option for those with smaller animals such as cats.


The only issue with Formula H is when the owner is negligent this product can be misused and cause significant harm to both the owner and their pet. This is because Formula H contains glutaraldehyde, a product that was once used in hospitals but ceased to serve this purpose because nurses were not being careful enough with it and therefore had issues with it. This is why we implore all customers who use Formula H to properly cover their faces with the appropriate breathing apparatus so that they do not have any issues with breathing. As previously mentioned this is our cheapest product but if used properly it is no less effective than any of the others, as one strength kills all foreign threats.


The mid-range product that we offer to our customers is known as Conficlean. This prestigious brand makes a variety of dog and pet products, including their extensive range of disinfectants. These come in several forms, but as with Formula H there is a basic Conficlean disinfectant solution that can be diluted to one strength (which in this case is 1:100 as the product is of a higher quality. Conficlean is one of our most recommended brands, as it is cheaper than most of the products that match it on quality, and is very effective at killing any type of germ or disease. This product is commonly used in kennels and catteries, and so if these larger companies are using it you can rest assured that it is the very best on the market.


Conficlean also offer a variety of other products that we sell, such as a ready-mixed spray bottle. This is far less cost-efficient than mixing from concentrate you, but is of higher convenience to those customers who just want to be able to disinfect their house instantly without any hassle. Furthermore, Conficlean provide customers with the option of keeping themselves clean and sanitary as well as their pets by producing hand wipes, rubs and scrubs so that there is absolutely no risk of any sort of dog-carried infection affecting the household.


Conficlean even produces a laundry washing liquid, which is produced and designed to do the same job as a detergent and fabric conditioner mixture whilst also disinfecting any clothes that are in the machine. This is considered by most to be the ultimate in convenience for the customer, as it means that less disinfectant is necessary to do the same job and it can all be done in one go rather than pre-preparing disinfectant spray just for clothes whilst washing them.


The only disadvantage to both Conficlean and Formula H is the fact that they are not DEFA tested (department of environment, food and agriculture). This organisation is considered the governing body in terms of disinfectants as well as many other products that will govern hygiene, and so the fact that both of them are very good products may not matter to some people. Infact, to us Conficlean is considered to be just as good as our last top-end product, but the testing costs are so expensive to get approved that there is little to no point in doing so. It makes Conficlean far less profitable for something that is still a top notch disinfectant.


The final product that we sell at SPH supplies is that of Virkon. This wonderful piece of scientific innovation is another dilute product, but it comes in powder or tablet form rather than the usual dilutable liquid. This product is DEFA approved, and therefore has a slight edge on other competitors such as our other two disinfectants in terms of quality. Infact, Virkon has been dubbed as being a “gold standard” product, and therefore is guaranteed to disinfect and get rid of any potentially harmful contagion that you might come into contact with.


This disinfectant has been proven to be very effective against every single pathogen in existence, even viruses such as HIV and AIDS, and for this reason it is not just used a dog disinfectant. This wonderful product is shipped all over the world for uses other than disinfecting animals. Virkon is well known in many industries for being a germ and virus killer, and so in medical epidemics such as swine flu and foot and mouth disease Virkon is the first point of calling for administration to those affected. The product is user-friendly, has no harsh chemicals and of course has single dilution strength to handle all viruses. Having a staggered amount of strengths depending on symptoms could be very risky and dangerous, as without a proper medical analysis there is no way of knowing whether or not a person needs one of two or several different strengths. All of these products make sure that our customers are 100% safe in their effort to produce a healthy environment for themselves and their pets, and so we recommend that you buy through us to give you absolute satisfaction with our services.


If you are considering purchasing some dog disinfectants and would like to get some more information about the individual products or the pricing, you can call our main line on 01363 860232, or contact us via email at sales@sphsupplies.co.uk. Submitting an enquiry form is also something you can do here, so be sure to get in touch and consider us, as we are considered one of the largest providers of dog disinfectants and cleaning products in the UK, and would be more than happy to assist you with any specific needs that you may have from us.