Disposable vs Washable Dog Diapers

Since their introduction into the market, there has been an ongoing debate as to whether disposable or reusable diapers for dogs are more superior. As with the argument between the two human products, many people cannot decide whether they think that disposable or multiple use diapers are better.


Both washable and disposable diapers serve the same purpose: to stop extremely excitable or older dogs from embarrassing their owners and making a mess, and to 'mop up' the mess when a bitch has come in season. It is also not unknown for the diaper garment to serve as a form of doggy chastity belt in a mixed-sex doggy household when one of the bitches has come in heat! Both urine and blood can stain carpeting and flooring, and cause odours in the house, not to mention the problems that arise when either the bitch is in season, or the incontinent dog has got used to sleeping on its owner's bed at night. This generally leads to the question – should the animal be displaced and told to sleep somewhere else – or should the owner spend every day washing their own bedding because of dog urine/blood? And of course, for the elderly incontinent dog, that difficult question – is it time to make the last journey? Using either sort of dog diaper can hence extend the life of the dog by making it easier to live with, and the owner is safe in the knowledge that they can cope with involuntary accidents. Both types of diaper will soak up urine that has 'leaked' while the animal has been asleep, and will do this job just as efficiently without major expense for the homeowner. However, there are a few distinguishable differences between the two, which will be expanded upon shortly.


Diapers for dogs are generally purchased to help the owner cope with the dog's urinary incontinence, or a bitch in season. Occasionally they are also purchased because the dog has become faecally incontinent, in which case the male dog will need the next size up of standard diaper garment, rather than the male wrap (or belly band). Some people purchase them because they feel that it is massively degrading for a person to have to pick up the excrement of another animal, and makes for a huge inconvenience when searching for them in the garden or the public park. Diapers of both sorts come into their own when dealing with dogs that are suffering from urinary incontinence, either through old age and subsequent weakening of bladder muscles, or those that have been involved in accidents and have lost the control of the back end of their body. It is generally found that dogs are extremely accepting of wearing these itemsof clothing – in many cases, they are aware that they are leaking, and hence beginning to smell, and their owner is none too happy!, and appreciate the provision of a solution.


Both washable diapers and disposable diapers are super absorbent and made of high quality material, and so there is no discomfort for the dog even after going to the toilet. They are also as easy to take off as they are to put on, and so the disposal or washing of these diapers can be done very quickly. They come in a range of sizes to suit any type of dog, and the smaller diapers even fit cats, and have been used on animals such as marmosets.


Disposable dog diapers are the more purchased of the two goods, and are also by far the most convenient in terms of functionality. Simply attach the diaper and change it when it needs to be changed, disposing of the old one quickly and easily. Nothing could be more simple, and all disposable diapers are specifically designed to be durable, comfortable and most of all function perfectly for any sized dog and any amount of defecation or urination.


Disposable dog diapers are also known for their relative cheapness. Although a minor cost versus picking up messes with dog bags, this does not even start to weigh up with the inconveniences that ensue when not using a doggy diaper. Neither dogs nor owners should have to be degraded by the entire process, and so make sure to consider our range of disposable diapers, or just try out a tester diaper here.


The flipside to this is the less conventional but still very popular washable diaper. This diaper type is a lot more desirable for those wishing to both save money and have a slightly higher quality version of a doggy diaper. It has the same features as a one-use diaper, durability, quality and overall effectiveness. However, whilst disposable dog diapers must be thrown away, these reusable ones can last for a long time. Washable dog diapers are 100% machine washable, and so still make for a convenient product. They are generally bought with additional pads to place in them, and these come in two absorbencies to cope with the volume of flow. Whilst they do take a little extra care to keep in top condition and will need to be washed separately to other clothes to avoid smelling, nothing in the market is more cost efficient. Customer satisfaction ratings for this product are also very high. Many people consider that from an environmental stand point, the washable ones are better – less rubbish going to land-fill, and washable diapers can last a considerable length of time before they need to be replaced. In this case, you will probably need 2 garments – one to wash, and one to wear. Set against this is the fact that you may want to wash the diapers in a separate wash to your own clothing, in which case you will need to factor in the cost of heating water, detergent, and running the washing machine.


To conclude, both disposable and reusable doggy diapers are great value for money. They are fit for purpose and very high quality, and do not make too much of a dent on the wallet for this kind of service. Therefore, it is very hard to make a comparison between the two in terms of looking for one that stands above the other, as they both shine in different ways. For those homeowners who want no hassle with extra laundry and merely want a quick solution to picking up dog mess and soaking up dog urine, disposables are the way forward. However, for increased cost efficiency and lack of having to buy any extras, washable diapers will be what you are looking for. Either way, you and your pets will be much happier with a wonderful doggy diaper. Click here to get some of your own now!


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